Sunday, November 3, 2013

Boo at the Zoo - Review

Well, here we are on the eve of the Zoo's Boo at the Zoo 2014.  Don't think I ever forgot that I had this in queue.  As well, I tried for two weeks to get to it.  It is now pointless, mostly as over the past couple weeks I tried to remember what my review was and without reviewing all the photos I took I can only remember two things.  The Enrichment offerings started out great and then weaned to disappointment.

The Zoo had their Halloween Event two weekends in 2013.  Here is a collage of some of the wonderful fun I captured the first weekend.  

This is an event I have always loved.  Many years now, I wait for this. I love Animals and Pumpkins and when Boo Events started, I thought WOW the Zoo experience can't get any better than this!  This is one of the things that got me interested in Enrichment. 

I actually thought well done that first weekend and the second weekend was a let down.  One thing that stands out in my memory was that alot of the Pumpkins weren't carved.  I'm not a fan of giving the Animals uncarved pumpkins, unless they are small enough that they can be played with.  In my experience big, uncarved ones don't often provide any fun factor for them.  Gauhati the Indian Rhino is constantly given huge uncarved pumps and they are the last thing he goes for.  Sometimes I even see the same pumpkin still untouched in his enclosure days later.  Tucker the Hippo seems to do ok with them, but I think both, especially Gauhati would enjoy them more if they were carved and stuffed with treats.  All the Animals should get carved pumps with treats,  The Lions were given plain pumpkins that Jahari gave a sniff too and then looked up like WTH am I supposed to do with this?  I agree, WTH is the point?  Just to show you gave a pumpkin?  Its lazy not to carve them and add treats.  These Animals hardly ever get fun Toy type Enrichment these days, the one event that they are supposed to, is not the time to be lazy.  

Many Zoo's and Animal Sanctuaries have been posting for over a week pre-festivity fun.  You can view some of those photos on my Facebook Group Awesome Animal Enrichment :)  Where myself and other Members have been posting all the pumpkin fun we see!  

Looking forward to this weekend.  I always hope the Zoo does right by the Animals.  Hopefully the Zoo has seen what others are doing and gets some ideas :)  


coming soon (I hope!) < didn't happen, I apologize. (10.24.14)

Haven't had time to post about this Event, but did post some photos and videos of Zoo Friends with Pumpkins you can view :)

Komodo Dragon- Falcor

Chimpanzee - Cobby

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