Friday, March 28, 2014

European Zoo's Thirst For Murder

As you can see, I have many posts in "coming soon" mode.  Sometimes I just don't have time, other times, I just don't have the energy it takes. Writing about Animal issues is a real drain, sometimes, so it remains on the to do list.  I apologize.  This post will be the first I've written about this Event, even among personal Friends.  This is not related to the SFZoo, but is something that affects all of us who love Animals, especially touching those of us who are Zoo Visitors.   As the week is closing and posts about this tragedy are still being made, I'm going to post these thoughts for awareness.  

Much like the post I did on the Murder of Marius the Giraffe by the Copenhagen Zoo, this post will be a place to vent my heartache over the way Animals are perceived and treated in general.  You can use the search option to read my Marius post if you'd like to.

By now most have heard the reports that the Copenhagen Zoo has Murdered not only another, but a group of Animals in its "care".

I came home to this news after my almost daily visit to the Park (Golden Gate).  I am very attached to the Ducks that live at a couple of the Lakes there.  Some I have Friendships with, as I've known them for years, named them and they not only know me, the name I've given them, but know my car and come running when they see me.

The continual disrespect and lack of Empathy for the Wildlife, especially the Ducks that live at the Lakes in our Park, is painful for me to witness.  And YES I'm the person out there calling people out at every turn when I see something being done against them.  The disrespect is present each time I visit the Zoo, and when I'm home, the constant stream of posts via Facebook sources is overwhelming.   The crimes against Animals are not just what I see local, in the Park and at the Zoo, but Global.  Its really disheartening the extreme of feelings shown toward other Beings.  A range from unthinkable pains to wholehearted compassion.

I have been moved many times to start a blog about Animal issues beyond the Zoo, but that overwhelming sadness and anxiety it causes has always put it on hold.  Recently, I did start an FB page to share for Awareness the posts that come through to me.

As of this past Tuesday that too was put on hold.  Monday, late afternoon I was at the Park.  One of my Duck Friends saw me drive up and started to walk towards me.  THEN three Dogs off leash ran up and surrounded him and one bit him in the butt.  He ran to get away and then flew off.  Tuesday morning, per usual drivers speeding around the Lake and one hit one of my Duck Friends in the butt. You know I jumped in my car and took off after them!  Gave them the what for and called the Police. These issues are an everyday occurrence at Stow Lake and the Dog issue everyday at Lloyd Lake.   I have a blog about the Park issues to publish, and will post the link, but til then, the bottom line here is that people just don't give a shit about other Beings.  AND that blatant disrespect and uncaring is reaching epidemic proportions, on so many different levels.

Upset after seeing that woman hit my Duck Friend, I come home and first post I read on my feed is about the DEMONs at the Copenhagen Zoo once again Murdering Animals, this time four Lions.  I just felt numb.  I've never felt non-reactive before.  I'm the one who gets very worked up, very vocal, enraged over Human behavior, but that action, just paralyzed me.  

After all the public outrage over the Murder of Marius, they go and do it again. Seriously, I have no words, they've all been expressed by myself and many others,  in many ways via Social Media.   I can only hope at some point eye for an eye justice comes to those involved (with any Animal mistreatment) and that they live long painful lives. 

The DEMONs at the Copenhagen Zoo are going to continue this barbaric tradition, because its legal in European Zoo's to do this.  DEMONs at Longleat Zoo Murdered a Pride of Lions during the same week as Marius was killed.  I'm not sure what the lack of logic is via the EU AZA , but this type of culling is obviously outrageous.  They do not use birth control and THAT there is the problem.  I can only guess that they want pregnancies and babies, to boost gate admissions to their Death Camps.    

I am not a fan of Humans in general, but there are so many wonderful ones out there all around the World trying to help Animals in all different threatening and vulnerable situations, and then you have these DEMONs. As well all the other DEMONs who are Murdering Animals in Trophy Hunts, Sourcing for Products like Palm Oil, Body Parts for Bullshit Medicinal purposes, and these are just the ones based in Greed.  There are also those who are cruel and torture Animals because they are Evil, Bullies, Psychopaths, whatever.  Sadly I'm feeling a bit defeated as part of the Species that has Empathy for the other Beings who are breathing the same air as we are.  I feel like the DEMONs are far more numbered and sucking the air from us all.  

What can we do to end the pain for these Animals and for those of us whose Hearts break for them?


  1. Lee "a tigers best friend"March 29, 2014 at 7:04 PM

    I can't even add to what you have written. I know the duck friends, it's horrible that people are as they are. I am sickened by the Copenhagen Zoo and their killing of animals to make room for more to probably kill in a year or two. All zoo's across the globe need to band together and not share in any animal exchanges, etc. from the Copenhagen Zoo EVER. The giraffe killing was horrifying, the lion killing horrifying. With the lion killings right after "the march of the lions" was very strange. The world united about the lions plight and the Copenhagen Zoo just put down four lions.... Thank you for your continuing fight for the animals. Please take a bit of a breather and know you are doing all that you can by bringing this all to the forfront. Yes, there are animals warriors out there, I commend them.... I am beyond sickened by the Copenhagen Zoo and I do not want the giraffe/lion deaths to go un-punished. The world saw this, the world reacted, God help these precious beings.

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I actually just went to comments waiting for moderation and so many that I never got notification on! and just now getting published :( ... You have nade a good point that People should take notice of. The fact that this happened on the heels of a Day when so many People around the world were rallying for the plight the Lions face. Let's also be clear that while the Copenhagen Zoo makes these Murders Public via Media, THIS behavior goes on in many EU Zoos and is accepted by the EU AZA. Longleat Zoo in the UK Murdered several Lions within days of Marius.


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