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My Zoo Outtings Synopsis - Sunday March 23, 2014

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> March 21, 2014 - Bongos are here, but you wouldn't know it, they are never out :(   I happened to catch them within the first couple days, they are beautiful!  Since then, the Exhibit has been closed.  No one seems to have an answer as to why.  So see them here, because who knows when you will be able to see them in person.  Zoo should post an update, but I guess its another bit of info they keep under-wraps. 
The Male

The Female

> March 20, 2014 - Zoo Atlanta posted this photo and text to their FB page :)

"For our fans who don't remember Bahagia, she was the daughter of Sekayu and Jalal and was born in late 2000. The staff didn't know Sekayu was expecting, and one chilly night in November, they saw her out in the yard inspecting what appeared to be a small animal. That was Bahagia! Bahagia was cared for in a nursery at first -- she was very much a favorite here and as you can see from the photo below, has gone on to grow up and be a mom herself!"

SFZoo Connection: Bahagia now lives at the Sacramento Zoo.  She is the Mother of our Male Taymor/"Larry" :) , and the Grandmother of our Cub Jillian :)  

Another Relation at the Atlanta Zoo is our Skylar/"Leanne"'s Sister and Littermate lives there.  They have some great updates about her litter from 2011 on their awesome website.

> March 19, 2014 - Babie G comes face to face with her BFF! 

Please watch this space or my other blog for Link to my extended Savanna Update post.

> March 18, 2014 - Red Panda Update.  Below is a recent photo of the progress being made.  Note the cool Tree House!  It was added by Nelson Treehouse and Supply.  Owner Pete Nelson is of Treehouse Masters TV show.  One of my fav shows!  If you haven't seen it , check it out! ...  This Exhibit is going where the Wild Turkeys used to live.  They now live at the Family Farm.  ... The Red Pandas have not arrived yet, but will be a Male/Female pair with a Breeding Recommendation.

> March 17, 2014 - Happy St Patricks Day!

Please watch this space or my other blog for Link to my extended Patty's Day post.


  1. It's weird how the bongos are not out on exhibit, though they are more shy animals.
    The red panda exhibit is coming along nicely. Seems to be an open top exhibit by the way it looks. The little tree house roof is to prevent escapes as well as provide shade. When do you think it will be finished?

  2. @ellicruu - Thank you once again. I so much appreciate your continued following and valued participation, even when I am overwhelmed and slack on responses and miss posts like this one as well??? - The Bongos have been out now consistently for a couple weeks. Only one at a time, as I heard (while they were not out) that they were not getting along. I have seen the Female once and the Male twice. ... The Red Panda exhibit is nice and he seems to love it. If you've read recent posts, you know I have an issue with the height of the glass barrier. That seems to be the only FAIL tho. ... Its done ;) lol


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