Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wednesday January 4, 2011 - Happy Birthday Amanzi!

Having my Membership back ( Yes, I do!  More on that win soon!  Stay tuned to the blog san francisco zoo crime) means that as time permits I have the luxury of visiting my Zoo friends more often.  It not only makes me happy to see their faces, but it is a great place to be able to stop at to get in a good walk.  Walking is important to me, because I'm not a fan of other types of exercise.   The Zoo and the Park are pretty much it.

Mid week visits are good for my soul.  There are less people, which equals less chance of witnessing misbehavior, which really upsets me.   Right now, my time is flexible, so I'm often able to swing by and wish my friends a Happy Birthday! on their actual special day :)

Today's visit was just that kind of visit.  Amanzi turned 15 today!  I have been lucky to have been a Zoo visitor when she and Tunya came to the Zoo in 1997 as cubs.   I remember their arrival along with Kita very vividly.  She is pretty activity orientated, which I guess is a blanket statement for most Lions.  Unless there's something going on they are nappin'!   If they don't think there's the possibility of food or toys, you might not get to see their faces.  Thankfully, I got some great face time with the pretty Birthday girl!  

Right place, Right time as the Keeper was just about to shift them from grotto B to grotto A.  In case you don't know, the Big Cats are rotated between grotto's for Environmental Enrichment.   

Amanzi and her mate Jahari came into the yard more cautiously than I've seen.   He let her take the lead, she stood solid, almost posing for sometime, long enough for me to sing her a little Happy Birthday :)  He slinked about the edges sniffing for messages.   They both spent much time investigating, which lent to getting some great captures!

I didn't see what she was looking at,
but I love when the light lends to 
really highlighting how beautiful their eyes are.

On the heated rock and saying hello to the people's,
hoping no one bangs on the window to her home.

Happy Birthday Amanzi!

I actually wore my topper the following Saturday
to be festive with my friend.

Jahari, the California tree hugger!
I love this capture!

(Jahari picking up a message left by Leanne)
I got a whole series of these,
I call them the Feline Vamp!  
He's very silly lol!

Female Patas Monkey

Shastyuh is the only Big Cat who really loves 
and makes use of the grotto pools!
I love that she has this option so it distracts her from pacing,
which she often still does along the edges.

I also captured a cute video clip of Gauhati the Indian Rhino getting hand fed some nom nom's!  


  1. Aww, there is Shasta the zoo transfer from Omaha Zoo! I always like to see how they are all doing.

  2. Bill- Thank you for your comment! I totally just made the connection about Shastyuh coming from your Zoo! Good grief. I guess too much swirling in my head. She is a wonderful cat! The past few weeks she has really gotten more comfortable being in the Lion House during open hours. I'm sure being that close to people and the volume in the house sometimes can be scary. She is in now and rolling about on the floor with her footies in the air!


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