Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saturday January 14, 2012

Good grief was it packed today!  I don't think I've seen more people at the Zoo except for on an old Members Night.  Great for the Zoo, I just wish they would better organize Security.  There is not enough Security.  They aren't organized optimally.  As, well the Docents should be used to aid in the lack of Security.  There needs to be a presence on the grounds and there just isn't, no matter how big the crowds are.  I don't get it.  I was there for about four hours and never saw a Security guard except for the one in the Lion House.

As I was leaving I noticed the Zoo now has up their banner for the annual Lunar (Chinese New Year) event.    As a San Francisco native I love the Lunar events.  As well I used to love the one at the Zoo.  A few years ago I was in the Children's Zoo, which runs along the side of the Playfield path where the Lunar event activities take place.  I was standing at Prairie Dogs when the Lion Dance started and the drum banging sound level was insane.  All the Dogs (Prairie) and Kats (Meerkat) were going nuts and running for underground cover.  I asked the keeper about it and he said that he had told Management and they didn't care.  The next year, I wrote to the Zoo and noted this story, requesting they rethink having the Lion Dance, which really is unnecessary as so many places in the City have it and it has no place at the Zoo because of how loud it is.  The Zoo is supposed to be a quiet environment for the Animals who live there.  Anyway I got no reply and was there at Chimps right before the first Lion Dance show was scheduled.  A Keeper was there and I had told her about the previous year, as well my email.  She said she asked to be told when it would start so she could call the Chimps in.  It started out of the blue and the Chimps went insane.  Needless to say, last year which was the following year, nothing had changed and the animals just had to suffer through the noise.   Maybe 2012 will bring a change?  I guess we will see.

I watched Pike for a half hour and took 237 photos of her!
I love the grin on this one :)

She just laid on her bed of hay,
rolling about,...

cleaning her footies,...

and daydreaming!  
it was adorable!

seven pea hens were out strolling the grass together by the train barn

Suki  was deciding what to do while Tunes was trying to nap :)
Check out what happened next here

I missed the capture, but right before this Tallulah spotted a visitor 
eating fries and stretched out her arm in his direction 
motioning her hand "gimme some of that"!

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