Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday January 21, 2012 - Breakfast with the Big Cats!

My friend Lee bought us tickets to the Zoo's event Breakfast with the Big Cats.  Thank you!  ... Even though there was probably nothing that would be new to us, there were several reasons we wanted to be there, foremost for our Big Cat friends!  We also wanted to support our Keeper friends, and see how events in the Lion House are.   

The event was fun, all the Cats were inside at the same time, except Miss Shastyuh who decided she would rather nap in the yard.  I think she would have liked it, but she didn't know there would be treats!  The Cats were all given whole Chickens and Pinatas :)  This was part of their Enrichment (the event also included a training demonstration).  I think this may have been the first time they have gotten Chickens that still had the head, necks and feet.  Always a bit too graphic for me to see :(  but I've learned to watch them eat things that I would also befriend, Chickens, Rabbits, and Sheep.  The Pinatas were cute, I'm glad they got some toys, but I have to admit that when I heard about this event I wished I was still doing Enrichment toys as I imagined Paper Mache' Waffles and Berries!  It would have been in theme and that would have rocked!  But the Cats enjoyed themselves no matter!  A toy is a toy and a treat is a treat :)

The Keepers did a great job in presentation.  Kudos!  The Operations and Catering Staff did a good job in organization and with the seating arrangement :)   Thank You!  ... The only thing I'd like to have seen  different was the food set-up.  The line was too long and would have been better managed if there were two serving stations.  So, I grabbed all five pieces of French Toast in one round OINK!  but Yum!  

Tunya spots his Chicken and Soccer Ball Pinata!
see the video here
Amanzi already enjoying her colorful Horse Pinata!

Padang stops to say Hi, even thought
she is mid-chomp with her Chicken!

Sukari is done with her Football Pinata!
see the video here

Jahari watching the peoples :)

Leanne checking out her Rainbow Pinata!

And then having a go at trying to bring it down!
see the video here 

My event topper!
All Big Cats on a Waffle :)


  1. Here I am and I am glad to have someone else from my other accounts have an account I can comment on. For the longest time I have had this account because I wanted to comment with a camera safari guide who had written two books on his adventures.
    I am glad I am not the only one that dresses up to goto the zoo!
    Funny story about San Francisco zoo when I was there a long time ago, I had my safari jacket on and cargo pants. These people stopped me and asked directions because they thought I worked there! I just seem to fit in on these sorts of things. Probably going to be a career move soon.

  2. Bill- Thank you again for commenting! ... I checked out that link and he seems very interesting. There are also some great insights on his facebook. Thanks for the hip! ... Yep I like the festive thing. Also starting to make fascinators was a creative outlet after we were no longer able to make Enrichment Toys. Tunya used to look at the hats like he was thinking "Why are you wearing my toys on your head" :) Sweet Tunes. ... The SFZoo Docents where a Khaki vest maybe that was part of why you were stopped? Although as with my friend and I, people seem to gravitate towards people who look like they have answers.


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