Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saturday December 31, 2011 - Happy Birthday Elly!

 Today's Zoo visit was in honor of Elly's 41st Birthday!

Starting with the January Birthdays, I've decided my primary fascinating days will be in honor of the precious Zoo friends Birthdays.  The San Francisco Zoo Management finds no value in celebrating the Animals who live there, but I love them and think they deserve the respect of acknowledging what they give to the Zoo.  They are all amazing and deserve to be recognized for that.

For example, last year 2011, Elly turned 40!  That is a huge milestone for a Black Rhino.  She has given birth to I believe 14 calf's, carrying them each 15 months.  That means she has been pregnant more than 16 years of her life.  Incredible!  Her calf's have gone on to be valuable genetically for her species not only in other Zoo's but some have been released back into the wild.  To me, she deserved to have at least her milestone recognized.  Thank you Elly!

 Elly Belle, as I call her, was prancing about enjoying the sun!

Her actual Birthday is January 1st, 
but since there is another Zoo friend Birthday that same day,
we made the scene with our greeting the day before :)

The greeting usually comes with a festive topper in honor of :)
Happy Birthday Elly!  

Wishbone had a lean on the flip side of his tub,
looking like he was waiting for his drink order!

                               That never came, so he decided to sample what was in front of him.

Goober was out enjoying the sun!   

Checking out his garden :)

One of the last days to see the Reindeer ;(

I think she wants to stay :)

Trent the River Otter was having a fun time playing with his acacia branches.
you can view the video here:


Sea Lion Henry having a good ol' time playing and swimming :)
you can view the video here:


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