Monday, January 23, 2012

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Interesting sightings this visit, as usually there is never enough "staff" presence on the grounds especially during the busier days, like holidays and weekends. Today, mid-week I saw at least 10 different Docents.  I'd even say a dozen, which I'm sure it was, but that would sound made-up.  First one I saw (at Lions) I heard answer a Visitor question about "What do they eat?"  with, "Well all the Animals get some sort of chow."  Good Grief.  The Big Cats don't eat chow lol!  ... Then at Bears two came by with a Visitor and stopped at Pike and yelled out, "Ulu why don't you play with your toys?"  I couldn't help myself, "Because she's not Ulu."  ...  At least the Docents are consistent with misinformation.  UG.   As Zoo Ambassadors I wish they would talk to Keepers (or read my resident bio blog and learn a bit about the Animals and which ones are which.  

Lucky for one Visitor who was visiting from Houston, she asked me questions at Snow Leopards as they are her favorite.  I gave her a quick 411 on the Cats, Gauhati, Goober, Orkney, the friends at the Puente and the Bears.  

Immature flamingo (born summer 2010)
among adult flock.

Wishy daydreaming for grass ;(

Pike's day in the meadow!
And they said she doesn't like it much HA!
Cute little dirty faces do not lie!

Amanzi and Jahari side by side :)

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