Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday May 1, 2012 - Today at the Zoo

Miss Elly staring again :(

She stopped to eat some browse :)

Then stared some more :(

 Trent gettin' his Pepper on!

 Got many great pix of Rigel, 
loved these two fun faces best :)
 Kinda like an Elvis sneer :)

 Pretty Peahen

 Goob gettin' his laugh on :)
Soooo cute!

Tallulah nappin' in the sun
wrapped in the blanket Lee gave Padang


  1. Sir Rigel says "There is something stuck in my teeth! Must_get_it!"

  2. @Bill- Thankx for the comment and proposed "quote"! That could be one interpretation :) Its fun to hear how others view expressive pic's!

  3. Awesome captures!!! Trent, always getting his pepper on, sadly Miss Elly still looking for Geno, Goober loving a visit, Rigel acting his gorgeous and surly self, love the Rigel, beautiful peahen and of course Miss T enjoying my Paddy Blanket. Paddy loved her blanket and after she passed I couldnt think of a better one to enjoy the hand me down...... enjoy it Miss T !!!

  4. @Lee- Thankx! I thought the same thing about seeing both Maggie and Miss T getting to use Paddy's blanket :) I hope her pillow are inside for the Chimps too.


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