Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday May 29, 2012 - Visit

Visited Lily first again.  She was not there?

 New Male Kudu trying to get into the area where Lily and Erik hide.
Erik pretended he wasn't home.

According to the sign, they "dive for cover under brush when startled" maybe this the Zoo's idea of Enrichment. Why can't they have their own enclosure?  Their son Houdini lives behind the Giant Elands former home, while the front yard goes unused.  Would be nice if they could move there and not only have a space not much bigger than a bathroom, that they don't have to huddle in all day.  AND they would be mesh to mesh with their son.  But I guess having Duikers on the Savannah is more important, that was obvious when poor Lily was there all alone, hiding for two years.

Houdini visible in back behind the fence.  
Curious the front space isn't being used.

Another Zoo Game  LOL!

I missed this one on Saturday.  Just what we need, more kids running wild about the Zoo.  Good grief, what's the plan when one falls and injures themselves and they blame the Zoo?

Lion Shower

I've seen this before and just never posted it, but hey I'm on a roll.  So, Lions don't like water.  They never use the pools, other than to drink from.  Yet they have a shower that often streams continuous, while the Bairds Tapir who has health issues with his mouth,  only has his pool changed three times a week?   The Tapir is an Animal who spends alot of time in Rivers, so instinctively he uses the water for many things, one being a toilet.  His pool should be changed daily, yet I've been told over the years that the Zoo doesn't want to spend the money to give him fresh water daily.  FAIL!

 Dry Elly, looking for Gene

 Gauhati comes over to say Hi!  Hi Guac!

 Male Mallard having a fun lounge in the sun
and he was talkin' all about it!

Coati :)  I've never had one come over to me, 
usually they are busy doing their own thing

New Male Domestic Turkey, Alton
is constantly busy trying to charm the ladies :)

OK Corral Boys :)
Nutmeg, Paddy and Snickers


  1. It was very scary (nervous scary) watching that male Kudu trying to get into Erik and Lily's area. I am glad Erik played it cool but I was concerned where Lily had gone. The wasteful water situation is so ignorant. For one thing, didnt the zoo have a problem a few years back with paying the water bill? At least shut that shower off and let Shasty into that grotto. That's her spa and she was always happier there. Gauhati is adorable, poor Elly needs oiling,and the zoo needs to quit trying to keep up with the Obama's with those excercise signs. The money spent on that signage could have gone to the animals.That Alton is pretty impressive and loved the OK Corral photo. Those three are happy in Seamus's old spot. I completely agree with more fresh water for Goober. He has health issues and though he is a river animal, the zoo isnt "in the wild" and he has only known living in a zoo. Note to Erik: Stay strong and watch over Lily... tell that Kudu you aint' buying cookies, avon, or fuller brush products so quit knocking on their door. I do have to say, that Kudu is gorgeous.

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment- That Kudu is gorgeous. I found out his name is Jack. I just think the Dukiers need a bigger area and an area that is just theirs. They can't be held hostage in that creep space or whatever its called. .. The water thing really bugs me, and only because of Goober's situation. Other I could careless how much water they waste, its not a hot point for me. I want Goober to have clean water, so he's not continuously flushing waste in his mouth. That said having a shower on for Lions is pretty lame. NOW if it was on when Shastyuh is in Grotto B then she might like it, but I haven't seen poor girl in her favorite yard for some time. She was always in that little pond.


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