Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday May 1, 2012 - Today via the Internet

The new Zoo Animail email newsletter is out.  First up was a bit about our new female River Otter, Sable.  They changed her name at last weekends ZooFest.  Big surprise the Zoo is notorious for this action of disrespect.  

I've already written a whole post on this on another blog, so I'll try to be brief here.  If you would like to read that post this is the link. 

I wish the Zoo's monetary supporters would have more respect for the Animals and choose to donate in support of their care, rather than rape them of their given names, just to hang their own moniker on them as a status symbol.  

It should be one of the Zoo Director's fundraising missions to at least suggest this as an option.  Possibly  adding a small donor plaque at the exhibit where the Animal lives. But, we can't count on any respect coming from Zoo Director Tanya Peterson, as it appears not only does the Public Relations Department continually issue untrue and disrespectful press releases, Director Peterson apparently has no couth either.

Director Peterson writes a "Director's Bulletin"  which is posted to the Zoo's website.     In a recent entry in reference to recently passed 50 year old Great Horned Owl King Richard, she wrote,  "..mid-way through her life, on the way back from a ZooMobile presentation, “he” laid an egg. Her drag career over, Richie regularly laid unfertile eggs..."   DRAG career!! Are you kidding me?!  To me, making a remark like that is completely disrespectful.  There has been alot of horrible statements come out of this place, but this is the worst.  Its just awful and heartbreaking to the memory of this lovely lady who brought decades of joy to Zoo visitors.  But, that seems to be how the San Francisco Zoo rolls under this management.

You can read the full Bull here:



  1. I really think it's confusing and disrespectful to change the name of an animal when they have lived with and been trained to be called by their original name. I think a plaque with donors name next to exhibit is a much better way. If you don't see something wrong with this, look at it this way. Try calling your dog and brand new name and see where that gets you. I am very sad to hear about our precious beautiful King Richard gone. What a beautiful and elegant owl. I am disappointed but not surprised at the disrespectful "drag" comment. Geez, what does the zoo do at a human eulogy, have a stand up comic? King Richard was a beautiful owl that graced the zoo and was enjoyed for decades by zoo visitors. Rest in peace precious girl...you are loved and will be greatly missed.

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. YES it is both confusing and disrespectful. In my original post that I link to, I explain in detail why I have such a problem with name changing. It is like you said, they have lived with this name and know it. I never liked the practise, but if it has to be done to get donors to fork over some money, i guess it it a way to get the bucks. Where I really got my panties in a twist was in regard to Tucker, which was the catalyst for that original post. The other Animals that had their names changed, were still being called by their given names by their Keepers, which is the right thing to do. In the case of Tucker, the Zoo management would not allow anyone to use his name. So for a couple months til he got a new name, they called him, hey, buddy, handsome, ect. Horrible. ... The King Richard comment, absolutely the worst public statement I've heard from this Administration. So, together with the name changes, how would Director Tanya Peterson like everyone to call her by a different name and (like you said) have someone crack jokes during her eulogy?


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