Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zoo Spirits :)

It may be a few days before I get the past couple days of photos up, so I thought I'd put up some other fun Zoo related fotos.

Over the past few years I have caught some interesting photos in different places around the Zoo.  I 100% believe in the afterlife and that our Spirits remain after we've passed on.  I have had experiences that are undeniable.  Some believe, some do not.  Once you've experienced first hand, you can't deny the existence.

Below are photos I've taken (or been taken with my camera of me :) or otherwise noted as my friend Lee's,  that I think have captured Spirit activity.  To me this is interesting and fun!

 Orbs in the Giraffe Barn!

Spot of light above Lion House room.
Only appeared when Lee was standing there.
This was just after Tunya's passing.

 Another day recently after Tunya's passing,
an Orb appeared in the with the Lions.
Top: Orb is near Amanzi (Lion in back)
Bottom: Orb is near top of blue ball.

 Tons of Orbs in Seamus' stall!
This is in the Red Barn in the Barnyard.
Photos by Lee

 Amanzi in the last Lion House room, closest to the "nesting" room.
In the top photo you can see clearly a spirit figure passing behind her!
Both her hands, feet and tail are visible holding the Enrichment Item
and flat on the floor, respectively.  So it is not any motion from her body.
Below was taken within the same minute.  Spirit had passed.
After I showed the photos, one LH Keeper told me 
of odd instances coming from the "nesting" room.

Photo taken in the Yellow Barn at the Barnyard.
You can see two Orbs, 
one to the left, one the fencing above a Sheep
the other on the blue back door.

More photos soon!  Lee's has a couple i'm waiting to get.


  1. I was excited to know our beautiful zoo spirts are still with us. I was so happy to be part of it. Of course it's because of my great love for these wonderful animals. Tunya was clearly letting me know he is still around and so was Seamus. Bless you wonderful animals, I know that you are watching over those left behind and helping us to heal from loss.

  2. @Lee- It is exciting to know that those who have passed are still around us. They are watching over those they left behind and we know that our precious Tunya is with Kita and Padang is with her buddy Tony and his girls, Tatiana and Emily. Sweet Seamus is with his lady Ginger.


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