Sunday, May 20, 2012

Inti - the Zoo's precious Bobcat :)

While trying to crusade for Wishbone to get some grass, my next planned crusade was to get Inti a proper living space.  Inti has been living in a series of cages for a decade.  Granted they are decent sized cages, they are still cages.

About a year ago I asked a Keeper about this and he told me he heard there were plans to find a place outside the ARC (Animal Resource Center) and build Inti a new home.  I asked an Docent who works in the ARC and she said she heard that too.  Figuring this was being taken care of I continued my crusade for Wishy, though because (in my opinion) of Zoo stubbornness and stupidity we all know how that turned out.  

A few months ago, Angelo the Anteater's home was getting some work done and I heard he was staying in the neighboring enclosure while that construction was in progress.  After he moved into his new digs, which I will note look wonderful! ,  I heard that his vacation home was going to be renovated for Inti!  Great news.  I also heard it would be done by May.   Until yesterday I hadn't seen/heard much "work" being done there.  Now that I have, let's hope its not too long before Inti gets a new home!   I hope it has some natural flooring.  It should mimic the Snow Leopard area.

Below are some of the photos I took
when I got to meet Inti in 2010.  

love you precious Inti!
look forward to seeing you again soon!


  1. FINALLY! some good news - that's wonderful. Will he be visible to zoo visitors? i hope he still gets a lot of attention.

  2. @hazel- thank you for your comment. yes, his new home will be in one of those exhibits across from the east end of the Lion House. From what I heard there may have been some hesitation on moving him because he adores one of the gal's in the ARC that has been with him many years. I don't see why she wouldn't still be able to visit with him, plus he will have other visitors! He is very friendly and when I met him appeared to like people. I think its a win! ... Have you ever seen him? I think many years ago he was accessible?

  3. Adorable!!!! He is absolutely the cutest!!! In visiting the zoo every week for years I've not gotten to see him. I am a major cat person and feel this adorable guy has been disrespected by the zoo for being kept away from visitors and living in a wire cage. Please SF ZOO, get the work done quickly and REALLY think out the plan so he can finally live in a natural setting for nice cool grass beneath his footies!!!! I cannot wait to see him!!!! I am sending BIG kitty kisses.....

  4. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. He is a cutie! and friendly. Everyone should have the opportunity to see him! I had a photo of him from like 2002 I think it was, and even them you couldn't visit him, but I saw him in the back and got a photo. Had not seen him since, in fact I wasn't even sure he was still there. ... I sure hope he gets some grass. It will seriously piss me off if he doesn't. He has been living on concrete and wood chips. I know the Zoo and am prepared that all he will get is a bigger space. Hoping they prove me wrong.


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