Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flowers for our Goob :)

Last weekend, Lee went by Goobies place and saw there were (dried) flowers there.  She wanted to put fresh ones out, so she planned on doing that today.  I hadn't been to Goob's place since he passed and didn't think I could do it, but I decided I had to be strong for Goob and be there even though I'd cry.  I'm glad I did.  The flowers Lee got for us to leave for him were beautiful!  Thank you Lee.  Sunflowers make you smile, just like Goob did :)  She crocheted a sweet little blue ribbon  (for our boy) for them.   Thank you to Staffer Deb Howe for her assistance so we could pay tribute to Our Precious Special Friend.

Lee and Goober having a chat :)

Lee loved goober too :)  
Here are her Words:

This was a very horrendous loss. I know Goober was your zoo boyfriend but glad you shared him with me. I know how this loss has hit you. Goober was the sweetest animal at the zoo and he always loved our visits with him. I am forever thankful that we actually got to go back and meet him in person twice!!! He loved the visit as much as we did. Goober survived his illness and smiled through. He was so strong to have fought the fight for two years. It's his gentle and loving personality that kept him going, and his weekly visits. Little did we know that morning when he wasnt outside that he had already passed. This was so devastating and heartbreaking. I will always treasure and never forget the Goobster. The world is a better place because it had Goober in it and the world will not be the same without this very precious guy. I love you Goober and I will never forget you. RIP precious friend. 


  1. I cry every time I think of Goober. I loved him very much.

  2. @Lee- I do too. Its hard not to. I really loved that precious guy. sweet goob RIP XO


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