Sunday, September 16, 2012

RIP Goober - Bairds Tapir Passes

Forever Loved
Forever Missed

This was the last time I saw Goobie and he greeted us :)

Three weeks ago today, unknowingly I stood at Goober's home and as sometimes it is, I didn't see him.  I assumed he was in his bedroom under his heater keeping cozy.  As usual,  I yelled out, "Love you Goob, will see you during the week!"  When I got home I received word of the devestating news my precious Goobie had passed away that morning.  I was devastated by this news.  I continue to be heartbroken at the loss of my special friend.  As tears stream down my face and I again begin to sob, I am finally able to honor him with a post. 

RIP precious Goober.
I love you my dear sweet friend.
You were a gem, with a wonderful soul.
I'll miss you and your nose wiggle greetings :)
Goobie Kisses forever!



  1. This was a very horendous loss. I know Goober was your zoo boyfriend but glad you shared him with me. I know how this loss has hit you. Goober was the sweetest animal at the zoo and he always loved our visits with him. I am forever thankful that we actually got to go back and meet him in person twice!!! He loved the visit as much as we did. Goober survived his illness and smiled through. He was so strong to have fought the fight for two years. It's his gentle and loving personality that kept him going, and his weekly visits. Little did we know that morning when he wasnt outside that he had already passed. This was so devastating and heartbreaking. I will always treasure and never forget the Goobster. The world is a better place because it had Goober in it and the world will not be the same without this very precious guy. I love you Goober and I will never forget you. RIP precious friend.

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment and words. I know Goob was special to you too. I too am thankful that we got to meet him! Cherished experiences. We were lucky to know him and to have him know us. He did enjoy our visits. Everytime I would talk to him, he had a smile for me. One of the best things anyone has ever said to me was when a Keeper said I was his enrichment. ... He was a very gentle and loving being. ... I made a post using these words of yours.


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