Friday, September 14, 2012

News Article for Today - September 14, 2012

Another article just came through on my Google Alert.  Its basically the same as yesterdays, except there was a paragraph that struck me.   The full article can be read at this link:

The portion of this article that prompted me to comment was this:

> "But you might see the former Atlanta Zoo director down at Sloat and Great Highway, working to improve the wellness of the animals currently living at the San Francisco Zoo.
In an effort that has been taking shape since the 2007 tiger mauling on Christmas Day, Maple will be working with the zoo to make its creatures, well, happy." <

To which I commented:
I surely hope this guy makes a difference and is truly new much needed blood in the place. The current Zoo “officials” have lacked doing the right thing for the Animals for a very long time. There has not been any effort since the 2007 Tiger event. They let a Bear continue to live on concrete til he died of bone/joint/back issues that were directly a result of his living situation. All while they made plans to build new areas for new animals and humans.
Time will tell if a difference will be made. Will the Polar Bears get landscaping in their homes before humans get a new playground and new animals get brand new up-to-date homes? Will Wishbones Killer Grotto be updated with landscaping before a new Bear is brought in? Will Animals like the Chimps get more much needed Enrichment? Will the Zoo make an effort via more signage and on site Education about Respecting the Animals? The Animals would be alot “happier” if Visitors didn’t heckle the, bang on the glass, and other disrespectful crap they do. Let’s just see how this guy turns the Zoo around and puts the Animals as a priority, something many Staffers have told me has not been in the past. I sure hope so.

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