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Sunday September 16, 2012 - Visit

I hadn't gone to the Main Zoo (just the Farm and Primates) since the loss of my precious Goober (Bairds Tapir).  Even though it was emotionally hard, my friend Lee and I put some Sunflowers at Goobies home today, so already being out there and crying, I forged on and visited all the Friends who I hadn't seen in three weeks.

After losing Goob I wasn't going to blog anymore (another post with more on that coming soon), but the Zoo never fails me, providing many things that provoke a head shake.

From Goobs place we went to Bears.

Here is a photo of the Polar Bears meadow.  The pertinent part of the photo is the signage.  The bigger sign is identical? Its just curious to me and makes it seem like they are trying to yell out a message, for lack of doing.

                                     New bigger, same as original sign ^

The original smaller sign

Note this is the only grass available to the Polar's and so they both still live 50% of their lives on concrete.

I've written about the smaller sign before:

> Contrary to the belief of the Zoo, providing a natural living environment (grass not concrete) is not Enrichment, its humane.  Oh, and concrete does not equal "a rocky ground".  Concrete = asphalt, not a natural surface.  I guess I never looked close enough to this sign, because the whole "rocky ground" thing, that must be a joke right?   Next thing you will be putting up a sign saying its also part of your Wellness program.  Good Grief! <

You can read more about the Bear enclosures here:

When we got to Elly (Black Rhino) I was bothered by the new fencing.  There are several reasons why I felt this way, mainly I have long felt that Elly has been disrespected and this proves it once again.

I have written several posts about the condition of Elly's skin (not being oiled regularly), and since her companion Mishaki/Gene's passing, that she continually looks for him.  I will note and you can read more in the link provided, that once I started posting abotu Elly's skin, as well I contacted the Joint Zoo Committee Animal Welfare Chair, it seems Elly's skin is being taken care of on a regular basis.  BUT the issue of her continually staring into Gene's (adjoining) area has never been addressed.

NOW to see a (temporary) fence put up at this time, when I posted suggestions to this effect, really upsets me.  In my opinion, a fencing could have been put up after Mishaki's passing when it was evident that she was constantly looking for him.  Only now that the Zoo is receiving a new male Black Rhino (Elly and Mishaki's grandson Belozi) have they put one up.  All I can deduce from this is that, they could care less about it when it might have suited Elly's needs, but now it suits their needs, as I'm sure he will have to quarantine on exhibit.  More disrespect.

 Elly staring at the wood

Backside of wood, you can see it was attached TO fencing, so its temporary.  A screen or bamboo option could have been doneafter Mishaki's passing, to ease Elly's mourning.

And speaking of disrespect, I certainly hope once Belozi gets here they don't leave him in a crate for twelve additional hours because they are too lazy to uncrate him before going home at night, like they did to poor Tucker (Hippo) when he arrived.

I will also add that I hope Elly is not put in the back exhibit like she was for many, many months without rotation, when Mishaki was still here.  She did not thrive in the back and that was where her skin condition deteriorated when Staff allegedly said it wasn't "feasible" to oil her in that location.  ... This exhibit renovation is awful.  Why it is divided front to back instead of side by side is beyond me.  It makes not sense.  Side by side both Animals would be "on exhibit" (which is a Zoo priority), not having one languish in the back.  Unfortunately I fear that the Zoo will want the new Rhino in front and poor Elly will be stuck in back again.  I sure hope they prove me wrong and stop being lazy and rotate them.

Across the path we got some love from the Cats!  Everyone gave a hello glance :)

Sukari, Amanzi and Jahari :)

Shastyuh :)

Taymor :)

Saw a Coopers Hawk in the Garden :)

It was a rare sighting of a Colobus Monkey.  They may be more visable but I don't go and see them that often.  Why?  I feel awful for them.  They are literally in a cage.  There is no greenery in their home, a cage that sits next to this wide open space of lush landscaping.   They look out at natural surroundings, yet live in steel and concrete.  Its awful. The landscaped area should be enclosed and they should live there.

Stopping at the Savannah landing near the Giraffe Barn, two things were blog worthy.  First, poor Lily.  I have recently also wrote about her being once again separated from her mate Erik.  I can only assume that this is due to her being pregnant, although I have no official word on that.  Regardless, if they don't want her on the Savannah in that condition, why don't they put Erik in with her?  It appears that even though they have lived as a family unit with their two babies, that now the Zoo is only using them as a couple for breeding purposes.  Awful.  There is no empathy for any of the Animals.

Hi Lily!  She is precious and always comes over to greet :)

Near the bench posted is this comical sign.  The Zoo is notorious for misuse of water, overuse in some spots and under used in others.  Then there's this sign next to plants they have let dry out and die.  Another SFZoo Classic.

Last but not least, the new glass at Gorillas.  I have posted much about being pro glass at all enclosures for the protection of the Animals, so I actually love this, but two things are curious.  If the Zoo is doing this for the "wellness" of the Animals, It seems counter-productive to the goal to put glass at some viewing areas and not at others.  Also, Why can't the Zoo use anti-reflective glass?  

Jonesy looks like he is rolling his eyes 
at the whole she-bang!  Gotta Love Him!

This sign is at Gorillas.  Much like the one at Sea Lions WHY?  are these types of cautionary signs ONLY up at certain Animals?  They, along with other signs boasting "words of respect" should be at all exhibits.  Notably, signs that say not to kick, knock, tap, rap, whatever on the glass of the Animals homes.   UG.

Oh gosh I thought I was done. I've been a victim of having food snatched so I can laugh at this.  I love Gulls Gone Wild!  and there has sure been alot of it lately.  Not sure why all the table umbrellas have come down, but its silly that there's not even a netting above the tabled area.   These Gulls scored some  Chicken Tenders, but the best in photo op, was the week before's score of beak dipped Mac and Cheese!

You can read more about the Disrespect of Lily and Elly, as well the water waste in a couple other posts:


  1. I just can hardly add anymore to what you have said. I love all the zoo friends so much. I make it a point to visit them every week. The zoo, in my opinion is not thriving at all. They don't commit themselves to the healthy well being of the animals and they turn a blind eye to animal tormentors. I feel bad for beautiful Lily again being separated from Erik. I feel bad that Ms elly is disrespected. My heart goes out to the big cats that are just not happy these days. After the former BigCat Keeper left late last year, the BigCats have become thinner, lethargic and not happy at all. They appear thin and only sleep all the time. They are being taken care of (in my opinion) by those that really do not know anything about BigCats. We lost two BigCats early this year. Padang, an older tiger passed but was disrespected in her final couple weeks. Tunya, a middle aged Lion had issues the zoo keepers turned a blind eye to. (and with god as my witness) they know who they are. I only pray that someone high up in another facility can see this and step in. Again, I go every week, know these aniamals well, know many employees, and this is what I see. I saw the gulls gone wild and the victims of the crime lied about what they bought to get more. The zoo isnt using their water properly. I see water running in areas that don't need water and very expensive plants dying. Ok, someone please make some comments here. I love the zoo,I want it to survive.

  2. It was an honor to be able to put sunflowers up in Goobies grotto. I will forever miss that precious guy. Goober was always happy, always greeted us. I miss you Goober, the world lost the best of the best.

  3. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. I miss Goob more than words. It is still hard to go by his home, but I do and I just look up and say a few words to him, like I would do when he was still here but in his bedroom :) ... It WAS an honor to be able to put flowers out for him. It WAS an honor to know him and have him know me (us). He was a very special soul.


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