Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy World Rhino Day Elly & Gauhati!

Three years ago September 22 was established as World Rhino Day.  Zoo's and supporters celebrate Rhinos and try to gain awareness for their plight.  Celebrate the lives of the Rhino's you know and say a prayer for those in the wild who live in fear with every breath they take, that it might be their last.

Learn more about World Rhino Day and the plight of Rhinos being Slaughtered for their Horns.  

The Rhinos I know:


Elly is a Black Rhino.  She came to the San Francisco Zoo from Africa in 1974.  Her Birthday is listed as January 1, 1971, which means she turned 41 in 2012!   Elly has given so much to the Zoo and to Rhino conservation.  Producing at least fourteen calves, some of which have been released back into the wild.  ... After being pregnant for over fifteen yrs of her life, I hope Elly is celebrated today with some special treats!  

You can view a video of Elly that I took on World Rhino Day 2011


Gauhati is an Asian Rhino (Indian/One Horned).  He was born at the San Diego Wild Animal Park on May 25, 1995.   Gauhati turned 17 this year!  He is still a teenager and loves to play!  ...  Would be nice if he got some special Enrichment today, he has been looking very bored recently.

My apologies to Sweet Gene/Mishaki.  I meant to include you in this and brain faded.
I would never leave you out!  Even if it took a few hours after originally posting.
We sadly lost wonderful Mishaki this year.
Born at San Diego Wild Animal Park, July 12, 1987.
He was just 24 years old.   You are missed my friend!

Love you my wonderful cutie pie Rhino Friends!


  1. Great pics of our beautiful rhino friends! Happy World Rhino Day!!

  2. @divanicachica- Thank you for your comment! WE love our Rhino friends!

  3. happy world rhino day to you and to rhinos all over the world - elly has definitely done more than her share to help preserve her species and gauhati is a great ambassador. thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  4. @hazel- Thank you for your comment! and yes Happy WRD to Rhinos worldwide! glad you enjoyed the photos!

  5. Thank you, Kim, I love to meet individual animals with descriptions and photos including these beautiful rhinos, older Elly and teenager Guahati. Today I am thinking of my years-ago opportunity in Kenya to see wild rhinos. As you say their lives are in peril. We do cherish each one. Barbara PS Would it be possible for you to either repost or send me your memorial for Goober? I thought I had saved it to read later and cannot locate it.

  6. posting for:

    Anonymous said...
    lovely post, Kim. Yes, celebrate all who are here, animal as well as human.
    This is Joanne, the only reason I am posting as Anonymous is that is the only way your blog lets me through without ID info I don't want to use!

    September 22, 2012 3:19 PM

  7. @Barbara- Thank you for your comment and sharing that you have seen them in the wild! How wonderful! ... Thank you for enjoying our Gauhati and Elly :) ... Here's the link for Goobie! Thankx for asking :)

  8. @Joanne- Thank you for your comment and always trying to get the blog to work for you!

  9. Those who have already seen this post, please check the last entry, as I brain faded from my original goal and didn't include our precious Mishaki. BUT he's there now!


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