Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monkey Killed by Humans in Boise Zoo Break-in

On the heels of my last post, a friend just alerted me to this sad and awful news.   A Patas Monkey was beaten and left for dead by Human intruders to the Boise Zoo.  Sadly the Monkey didn't make it.

You can read the full article at this link:

Crimes against Animals are out of control.   For me, this is heartbreaking, because of how much they mean to me and frustrating, because it seems there is no way to put an end to the disregard a majority of people seem to have against them.

It is one thing to write about how Humans treat Animals, but even my words can never truly express how things like this and everything else related make me feel.  I started another blog sometime ago that has gone through many name changes since each time I hear of something awful I feel like a different name would be more appropriate and reach more people.  The last time I posted there was in the midst of several Celebrity Animal Cruelty items.  In the wake of these stories coming to light, I never even finished my series of posts because there is so much violence against Animals, it overwhelmed me.

My outlet to express myself when I witness or hear about such things is in writing and my forum has been blogging.  That said, as a member of society that cares, I know I am not alone.  I have met like minded people, both in person and via the internet.  I also know those of us who do care are outnumbered.  Whether its in Zoo's, in Parks, Animals natural wild living space, or any place an Animal calls home.   Whether its people misbehaving in non-contact ways like verbal abuse (name calling, heckling, ect),  terrorizing (chasing, harassing, ect),  invading/trespassing (barrier breaching) into their living space,  OR by physical attack (any kind of forceful/harmful contact).   It just seems Human Beings are getting worse in their need to overpower the Non-Human Beings we share this earth with.   Its sad and its sickening.  

There is no other word for me to describe a crime against an innocent being such as an Animal except Evil.  I truly believe that there has to be something seriously wrong with the internally make-up of someone to have any disregard for an Animal.  That includes people who think its funny to makes jokes about them, funny to stand at their enclosures and yell and laugh at them, run after them (I see this daily in the Park with the Ducks), allow their pets to chase for thrill ( people who let their Dogs chase the Ducks, Birds, Squirrels), all of it, it all falls under being Evil at the core.  Anyone who has a decent soul has empathy and would not do any of these things.  All the things I've mentioned, I've seen done by Adults.  These actions don't even cover the crimes being committed by those who trophy hunt and pose smiling with the Animal they just murdered or those in other countries slaughtering Animals for profit, or the many other crimes that are committed against Animals. 

Ok, so I have gotten off the main subject a bit, but the issue is the same.  Humans against Animals.  As I said, the list of offenses is overwhelming.  That said, what can be done to at least protect the Animals that live in supposedly secure Facilities such as Zoo's?    I came up with a philosophy after the 2007 Tiger Attack at the SFZoo.    You can't safeguard everything 100% or there would be no crime.  BUT  I also have grown to believe that there are things that can be done to deter and definitely make it harder for offenders.   

With Humans becoming more and more out of control, changes in how things are done need to grow with the times.  I have blogged about this endlessly in reference to the SFZoo.   That said, this mindset should be that of all Zoo's.  There needs to be more Security, more secure enclosures (with just as much priority on keeping Animals in as keeping Humans out), and better all around practices in promoting Animal respect.  I know there are many Zoo's that let their Animals have access at night to outdoor quarters, with main Zoo perimeters not secure, this shouldn't even be happening.   I'm not saying any of this had anything to do with this incident or even that of the Monkey that was stolen from SFZoo earlier this year.  I'm saying Zoo's need to inspect and identify in general as many angles of deterrence they can, not just leave things status quo.  You can't these days and all the Human misbehavior I have blogged about, in addition to these two break-in crimes proves that.

I don't even know how to wrap this up. This made me think of so many instances I've witnessed.  Animal safety and respect is a passion of mine.  So sometimes I trail off and get wordy.  Bottom line,  I feel awful for the Keepers who took care of this Monkey, for its companion who is left and most awful for the fear this Monkey must have felt.  I can only wish for a better tomorrow for Animals.   RIP little Monkey.

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