Friday, November 9, 2012

October Birthday Wishes! (Belated)

Four Zoo Friends had Birthdays in October!

 Happy Birthday Angelo!
Angelo the Giant Anteater 
turned 14 on the 26th!

Happy Birthday Snickers!
Snickers the Nigerian Dwarf Goat
turned 11 on the 30th!

Happy Birthday Milky Way!
Milky Way the Nigerian Dwarf Goat
turned 11 on the 30th!

You can visit these wonderful Twin Goats
and their Mama Maroudi on the Farm :)

Happy Birthday Wasabi!
Wasabi the Rooster
turned 9 on the 31st!

I was there for Wasabi's Birthday Party!  After the Birthday song was sung, Wasabi had some cake with his lady friends :)  Here are a few photos :)  Thank you to Keeper Amber for celebrating Wasabi's special day!

 the Cake :)

the Guests :)  ... Wasabi and his lady friends
Buffy, Stella, Snowball, and Diva!


  1. @Photon Capturer- Thank you for your comment! I like them too! I think it was your comment on the first one i thought to do that to, that made me start the series of adding party hats to the pix!

  2. love it! hats are adorable, cake looks delicious, and glad to see wasabi got to celebrate with his lady friends - so happy you got to be there!

  3. @hazel- Thank you for your comment! Thankx for liking the hats too! They seem to really be a hit :) I was very lucky to just happen to be there when the cake was being presented :) I went to wish the twins and Wasabli a Happy Bday, and ended up in the midst of a bonus barnyard birthday bash!

  4. Posting for my friend, blogger wouldn't let her :(


    The party hats on Angelo and the goats are adorable!


  5. @Joanne- Thank you for your comment! I love that everyone loves the hats! How could anyone not, they make you smile!


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