Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RIP Bali/George - Sumatran Tiger Passes

Forever Loved
Forever Missed

RIP Beautiful Bali  XO

Last night I shed many tears as I read about the morning passing of my Sweet Friend Georgie.   I loved this Tiger and have missed him.   

George's given name was Bali.  A beautiful name (that paid tribute to an extinct species of Tiger) that of course the San Francisco Zoo chose to change like they do of many other wonderful Animals that come to live there.   I came to know him as George and most of the time that stuck out of habit, but when I learned his given name, I tried to retrain myself and call him Bali.  

Bali came to the SFZoo to breed with Leanne/Skylar.  They had three cubs :)   When Bali's brother Java didn't prove to be a good mate for a female at Point Defiance Zoo, to keep that genetic match intact, Bali was transferred from SFZ to PDZ.   He has been very missed since then.

I kept up with him via social networking, even sending him a Birthday card the first year he celebrated there :)   He and his mate Jaya produced two cubs :)  


  1. I cried most of last night and several times today over the loss of sweet Georgie. I loved that cat so much. His vocals were incredible, Georgie always had a lot to say. I feel bad that I didnt go visit him at PDZ. What a wonderful Tiger he was. I can only now rest in the comfort that I knew him and that he is no longer sick and in pain. Right now he is showing off his little girl to his buddies Tony and Paddy. Incredible Tigers, I love you. Sweet Georgie, I can still hear your vocals. I will always remember and love you.

  2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. ... I too am still shedding tears over the loss of sweet Georgie. He was a special guy. Remember how Barb said he was "friends" with all the Cats :) I remember when he was in Padang's place once and Tony came round to the window looking for Paddy and literally did a double take lol! He was like "You're not Paddy!?" and Georgie, just smiled at him :) Also once when I was at Bears and I heard his vocals far reaching for the first time, I was like WOW thats' Georgie! He was a great soul. On this day also remembering Paddy, I will end with saying, we have been lucky to have known these great Beings.


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