Monday, November 25, 2013

My Zoo Outtings - Weekly Synopsis 11.15.13

> November 15, 2013 - What the Heck happened to the Childrens Zoo Sign???   Its gone (obviously in the Zoo's attempt to redo the area surrounding the new Playground, but why take down something like that?  I asked a handful of Staffers and all seemed disgusted by the removal and said no one could tell them why/who's idea this was.  FAIL!!!

I couldn't find my photo of it, so here's a screen cap from the Zoo's website.

> November 14, 2013 - Koola at Brookfield Zoo gave birth to a babie girl on 11.4.13 Koola is the Daughter of Binti Jua whose paternal roots are tied to our Zoo.  Her father Sunshine was born at SFZoo. Sunshine is the son of Bwana.  Bwana the brother of M'Kubwa, who is the Father of our Nneka, Grandfather to our unnamed babie Gorilla born in July.  Without doing all the math in further detail, our babie and this babie are cousins.  I believe since its a girl it will be owned by SFZoo like its Mother Binti Jua.

You can see some wonderful photos of Mother and Babie on my friends photostream.

> November 11, 2013 - Interesting!  If our Zoo adopted this, might change the way some Staff dress ;)

> November 10, 2013 - Yesterday, in addition to all the notations I make on my blogs about Visitor misbehavior towards the Animals, I'm sick of hearing their stupid comments.  One of the females in this motly crew was watching the Peccary babies and said, "Babie Bacon" repeatedly.  WTF is wrong with people and why do they come to the Zoo?  I guess it makes them feel superior to make fun of Animals.  It hurts me to hear these things and makes me feel sick to even relay them.  Who says this kind of thing, especially about week old little babies?  

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