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My Zoo Outtings - Weekly Synopsis 11.8.13

>November 7, 2013 -Another note regarding my Visit yesterday, which was also Free Day.  Not only does the Zoo continue to not have enough Staff and Security presence on the grounds daily, it is really a problem on Free Day.  ... In relation to that and all the Barrier Breaching issues I post,  I will note that the Peccary enclosure is too vulnerable.  I do not like when people can literally hang over into Animals Homes.  There are several of these type exhibits.  The problem I have right now at Peccarries is they have six tiny babies, and seeing People sitting on and leaning over the barrier is awful.
NO protection for Peccaries

If you have read my other blogs Barrier Breaching posts, here is another angle of what continually goes on at Mandrills.  Note that this exhibit is outside the Security office.

> November 6, 2013 - Could not believe my eyes when I saw Taymor/Larry in Big Cat Grotto B!  
Taymor enjoying some Sensory Enrichment :)

I have had a post about enclosure rotation in the works for literally a year.  Some posts take longer to get going not only because of time and energy it takes to do them, but sometimes I'm just repeatedly exhausted at the same issues and the non-rotating of some of the Animals is mind numbing and heartbreaking.  Hope to finish my post in draft on this soon.  Til then you can read a bit about this subject in this previous blog post. 

> November 4,2013 - Peccary babies!  As a big fan of Red River Hogs, I was so happy when we got Peccaries, and once the male Habanero joined the females, the possibilities of babies was very exciting :)  So when our first babie girl was born I was slightly obsessed with her cuteness, and now we have six at one time!  Two litters, one Twins and the other Quads :)  Overload of cute and fun :)

> November 3, 2013 - Happy Polar Bear Week!   
Polar Bear Week is November 4-10.   This week hosted a number of worldwide events, staged to create awareness for the plight of Polar Bears in the Wild, which probably still include members of our wild born Ulu's Family.

Read more about it:

I didn't see any mention of this come out of the Zoo.  Guess it was another Awareness Day they missed. Probably doesn't really matter, they attempted Rhino Day (after I posted a couple years in a row about how they missed it) and did a piss poor job at it.

They are Zero for Zero in their Mission Statement. "At the San Francisco Zoo,  (A) it's our mission to connect people withwildlife,  (B) inspire caring for nature, and (C) advance conservation action." 

A- The only connecting I see, is when Visitors hang over barriers into the Animals homes.  B- I rarely see caring coming from Visitors and the Zoo does nothing to deter or educate.  C- The Zoo may participate in outside Conservation efforts in order to keep up with the Jones of other Zoos, but at home, they do very little to educate the Visitors on the plights of Animals being threatened with extinction.  Like taking advantage of these Celebration Days. 

> November 2, 2013 - Churros Are Home!  

Finally after an unexpected expanded stay at the Nature Meadow, Zoo Management finally let the Navajo Churro Sheep Ladies go back home to the Family Farm. They were moved on Halloween and I visited them yesterday to see how they were doing.  As I expected, Barn harmony was upset, the move changed them and their Friends who stayed behind.   Hope it doesn't take too much time for them all to adjust.  As well hope the Zoo never does something so uncaring again.   That's wishful thinking.

Read more about this unnecessary event on my previous blog post

November 2, 2013 - Today marked the first National Bison Day!  As a Richmond District Native, I grew up visiting our lovely herd that lives in Golden Gate Park and continue to visit them regularly. This is one of our beautiful Grand Dames :)  One of the last offspring born in the Park in the early 80s, babies I was lucky to see :)
You can read more about the American Bison and what this recognition Day means.  I will note that I personally find it curious that this awesome Animal is being celebrated yet not protected in the sense that it is used as a meat source :(

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