Monday, November 25, 2013

My Zoo Outtings - Weekly Synopsis 11.22.13

> November 22, 2013 - RIP Banana Sam, Mocha and Marody.  All precious Zoo Friends who we lost in the past week.  You are Loved and Missed.   ... I will make an extended post on regarding the loss of  many Friends in recent months.  Its sad that People only hear about the passings of the Animals the Zoo feels are "newsworthy", when each of the Animals have People who love and care about them.

> November 21, 2013 - News of the New Playground opening has started.  

I have been very vocal on my other blog about what I think of the Zoo fundraising for this while Animals continue to need upgrades to their homes.  Yesterday I woke up wishing I had the funds to help our Chimps have a better home.   Today, I  further fantasize that our Chimps could be the first ones to try out the new Playground!  Playing on the Banyan Trees, for the Zoo would never build them such grandness :(

Read my extended post about the Chimps, coming soon to

> November 19, 2013 - Took this photo recently and wanted to share.  I often see Visitors sketching the Zoo Friends.  I thought this was a nice one as first time I've seen someone use color.  Usually its students doing such for assignments, but this guy seems like he's doing it for pleasure.  Miss Pike is his subject :)

Noting also the curiosity of Pike's Grotto still having a metal fencing barrier up.  WHile I am all for Barriering up all the Animals for THEIR safety, this one was installed along with one at Ulu's concret grotto, 2008 a couple months after the Tiger event.  The one at Ulu's (grotto B) came down during the recent renovation.  These fences have been ridiculous from the start, seeing as they never put one on the Meadow, so defeats the purpose of both Keeping the Animals in (?) and the Visitors out.   Nothing was ever installed at the Grizzly grotto either, even after a Visitor climbed in in 2009.  This all said, the Zoo should take this eyesore down. If they want to protect all, they should run a glass barrier across the whole Bear area, protecting all the Grottos from Visitor misbehavior.

> November 17, 2013 - Noticed this new sign.  Along with reading my blogs, the Zoo must be reading my mind, or maybe they have some new Staff that actually think.  I have a long signage post (yes another one!) in the works and something along the lines of this is part of it.  Hope to have it done soon.  Stay tuned to  

> November 16, 2013 - Rumor has it, there's a new Cat in Town!   Tis True, a Male Siberian/Amur has arrived as a mate for our Shastyuh/Martha!   He is in quarantine, so should be out after the thirty day period! Looking forward to meeting him :)  Will post more details on him as I get them!  

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