Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chinese Lunar New Year Event - 2014

Curious thing is when I made my Year of the Horse post featuring our wonderful Farm Friend Ben, I checked the Zoo's site (to see if they mentioned Ben as a Lunar Mascot.  Answer at the time was no) and neither the banner or the Calendar had a mention of a Lunar event this year.   I thought they just weren't going to do one this year.  Maybe they weren't?  Who knows.  What I do know is my Tweet of Ben's photos got ReTweeted and it was made to sound like it came from the Zoo.  I of course Tweeted back to clarify I have no affiliation with the SFZoo.  Anyway the Zoo posted to their Facebook page a few days ago.  It will be tomorrow.

In anycase, I must every year post about this because I feel strongly that the Chinese New Year traditional Lion Dance should not be a part of this event.  The sound volume is too loud for most of the Animals.  I have witnessed this several times, yet it seems that having it be a part of the event continues to be a priority over Animal Wellness.    

In an effort not to repeat myself, please see my post from last year

In addition to my past concerns, I have new concerns that regard the Rhea's that live at the Puente Al Sur exhibit.  These not yet a year old, large flightless Birds were new the exhibit in early 2012.  In 2013 we went from having 4 to 2.   I only saw one death noted in the Joint Zoo Committee Minutes, although I know there were two deaths.   The reason noted was "Hock Joint Injury" and "Shock" .  I did some research on this and from what I found out an injury like this is caused by "shock", which means the Animal most likely was scared/startled/stressed and ran itself into a wall/fence, causing injury to the Hock Joint.   It would seem to me that these are highly sensitive Animals and loud noise could be a factor.  As well as the drum beat during the Lion Dance performance would be something of concern.  Their exhibit is a distance from the area where the performances take place, but in my opinion, knowing  this and that it affects the Animals in closer proximity, notably the Chimps, the Zoo should find alternative ways to have this event without the Lion Dance.  

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