Sunday, February 16, 2014

USA Zoo Statements Regarding The Murder of Marius

This post is a bit out of order, as I am still (week long) reading statements coming out of Zoo's across America, defending their own practices in regard to caring for their Animals.  That is all fine, BUT what makes my blood boil are two things that seem to be common in all statements.  

First, the lack of rage over the actions of the Copenhagen Zoo.  I effing hate PC bullshit!  This action was outrageous and everyone should be outraged!  I am heartbroken and outraged and wish I had more of a public voice.  I have also read statements by Celebrities who usually don't mince words (Ricky Gervais for one), who didn't use his usual vitriol and instead in my opinion was lite with words.  Who is everyone with a public voice protecting?

Quote by the North American Association of Zoos and Aquariums: (which seems to accompany most individual US Zoo statements).

"The Copenhagen Zoo is well known for the quality of its conservation programs. The facility is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and their programs and procedures vary from those of the AZA."

Seriously?  WTF?   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Second, the use of the word "Euthanasia".   Other Zoo's, Celebrity voices, and News Media, all using this inappropriate word.  

I, like many that I know, have been scarred by this event and the photos that have been posted by Media.  To read and listen to Humans who don't show any compassion for what happened, is painful. The disrespect I have read is sickening.  The continued madness that comes out of Denmark and other EU Zoos, in regards to their treatment of Animals both in captivity and in the wild, is disgusting. Demons, the whole lot of them.  They are Barbaric and apparently are living as if it were Med-Evil Times.

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