Sunday, February 9, 2014

RIP Marius - Copenhagen Zoo Murders Giraffe

I know this is not about the San Francisco Zoo, but it is very much a topic I want to post about, for awareness as well as information on practices in Zoos Worldwide.

Last night, while I was joyed at the birth of a Giraffe Calf at our Zoo, I read about the fate of a young Giraffe named Marius at the Copenhagen Zoo.   Much like I read in 2009 about a babie Hippo named Farasi at Zoo Basel in Switzerland, who was set for death because he was "surplus", Marius was facing a similar fate.   I do not know what happened with Farasi, as reports in Media faded.  Much like with Farasi, there was outrage, petitions, and protests.  Unlike Farasi, where I'm unclear what his fate became, Marius' fate is known and well documented.

I woke up this morning to the awful news that despite offers from other Zoo's in Europe to give Marius a home, the Copenhagen Zoo chose to proceed with killing him.  I am heartbroken, as are many that I know.  I still can't shake images that I've seen, ranging from his smiling face, to his body being cut up in public, to their Lions eating him.  I'm physically ill over this.

As I learned with Farasi, European Zoos do not use any birth control methods on their Animals.  I have not read everything, because frankly its all too sickening, but what I have read gives reason that they want the Animals to have natural living experiences, which includes giving birth as many times as they want, yet knowing you (Zoo) have no intention of keeping the offspring, instead killing them to use for your Carnivores food.   Excuse me but What the Hell?!   That doesn't even make any sense.  For one, these Animals are not in the wild.  They are in the care of a Captive Facility.  In my opinion, even for USA Zoos, you can make their environment and diet close to natural/wild, but some alterations have to be made as well should be made, given the simple fact, its not the wild.   

So, let's run down the points in Marius' life.

This is an Animal who was who part of their Zoo "family".  They gave him a name.  Took photos of him. This wasn't a nameless livestock (not that it would be any different for those of us who love Animals) bred for the purpose of being meat.  Then killed and butchered behind closed doors.    

They milked his cute babie stage for admission/money because babie Animals are attendance draws. The whole "natural experience" reasoning is bullshit.  Its all about money.  

Now its time for his death.  While this surely is happening in other EU Zoos, we just don't hear about it. Apparently Copenhagen Zoo must love its publicity and know that the media attention will attract Visitors, because that's exactly what happened.   News of Marius execution brought people to their Zoo.  They shot him in public.  Butchered his Body in front of Visitors.  Then fed him to their Lions. All for public display!  His death wasn't heartbreaking enough, this lack of Empathy really fucking twists the knife.  Excuse me, but I'm really upset, pissed and outraged over this.  These Vile Demons who both run and work at Copenhagen Zoo AND those Visitors who came out to watch this Barbaric event, are pure Evil.  I wish long painful lives and haunted afterlives to each and everyone of them, including the children standing in the front row as Maruis body was slaughtered.  These Lesser Humans have no sympathy or compassion.  

Knowing that this happens in other EU Zoos does take the spotlight off Copenhagen as a solo perpetrator of "surplus killings",  but the participation of the area's public certainly says alot.  In fact,  if you follow awful Animal stories, another recent one out of Denmark, as they had their  Faroe Islands Annual Festival of Massive Whale and Dolphin Slaughter. What kind of Demons would actually call such a thing a "Festival"?  Unbelievable!  Festival = Celebration = Joy.  So, there you go, the people of Denmark consider Slaughtering Animals Joyous.  Even the photos from the Event show kids sitting on Whales with Sword cuts ripped through their flesh, blood pouring from their bodies, and these little Demons, laughing and smiling!  Disgusting.

While I still can't get my mind and around WHO would want to witness such an act as the Murder of a Zoo Animal or any Animal, I can most certainly tell you WHY, MONEY!   

So, for a moment let's assume that their reasons of "natural experience" and "surplus killing" makes sense and that we as the public should find this or anything else about this situation "acceptable".  Why would this "put-down" be done as a public Barbaric Murder, much like a gallows hanging with spectators, instead of a needle injection Euthanasia in private? Why does his body have to be disrespected by feeding him to other Animals there, instead of being cremated or buried?  For that matter does the Zoo feed all the Animals that die to the Carnivores?  Why did the "feeding" have to take place in public?   Do you see the common thread?  In Public = Admission Sales = Money = Greed.   This is not about anything natural, its about how can we generate money for free.  Breed our Animals. Milk their babie cuteness.  Hold a public Execution.  Free feed for the Carnivores.   SHAMEFUL!

All this said, what can we do to change what goes on in European Zoos?  The main thing is to raise awareness.  Don't pretend this isn't happening.   Yes, there are many awful things happening to Animals.  Yes, its heartbreaking.  Believe me, I have many times started a blog about all these awful things and have had to stop because its too much.  Instead for now I just have a Facebook Page where I post all these stories for awareness.  Stay informed.  Sign Petitions.  Start Petitions.  Write letters.  Do whatever you can to be a Voice for the Animals.  All we can do is be heard from our little corners of the World and hope that we can be a part of change.

I didn't post links or photos, because I personally didn't want to see them anymore tonight.  They are out there, if you want to read more.

RIP Sweet Marius.  
You will not be forgotten.
Many tears have been shed. 
You were a Precious Gift, 
Murdered for no Reason. 
Bless your Soul.   


  1. Lee "a tigers best friend"February 10, 2014 at 4:39 AM

    Your words speak all that I can even think to say. This has made me physically ill...... If the Copenhagen Zoo and other European zoos think this barbaric act was ok, hard telling what kind of things they hide that could be worse, though I hardly think anything can be. What sick humans there are in this world. This is why I hate humans so much and only adore the animal world. Marius will not be forgotten by me or other that feel the same. RIP precious boy, you will be remembered and missed. I see you running freely now. I love you and vow to sign all petitions I can find to make sure these horrible atrocites never happen again. SHAME on you Copenhagen Zoo and those visitors that went to watch this horrible practice unfold, you are demons. RIP Marius.

    1. Many zoos in Europe do this unfortunately, it shows how "great" America truly is, where all we do is disrespect the animals >:(, but at least we dont do such horrible actions in public!
      @Lee: saying that you hate humans and only adore the animal world is quite cynical, we see this as wrong, but the animal world as you stated is harsh in reality as well,maybe its because our "complex" (not so much) brains can understand and sympathize what is happening...

    2. @Lee- Thank you for your comment of heartfelt words about this horrific event. It has been a month almost and I still think about it. The evilness I've read and photo's I've seen have scared me.

    3. @ellicruu - Thank you for adding to this. It is important that People know that this is an acceptable practice by the EU AZA. As barbaric as it seems and definitely heartbreaking. It is also Murder, because if they chose to use birth control and properly managed populations then this wouldn't be happening. BUT then they wouldn't be able to pimp out babies for gate admission sales. Its disgusting. Yet it does seem like the Copenhagen Zoo likes its public display and media attention. WHICH in my opinioin just makes them even bigger DEMONS!

  2. Posting this for a Friend-

    Charlene- I totally agree with what Lee said about this horrific incident.
    I do not believe this is the first time Copenhagen Zoo has practiced this sort of thing. The person who reported this story to the media should be commended. Otherwise this incident would have been a hush hush situation. Now we can help and support such a thing so this madness cannot go on. How can anyone work in a zoo and condone such a thing? I feel the person that slaughtered the animal should have been the lions lunch. Dessert should have been the person who ordered the slaughtering. Should we vote on this?

  3. @Charlene- Thank you for your comment. .. You are right, this isn't the first time. Copenhagen Zoo, as well as in other European Zoo's this kind of execution is common. A friend in Netherlands sent me many articles about such awful practices. No feeling for these Animals at all. Yes, thankful that this story came out, even though I have been scared. Maybe all the outrage will get some changes in the EUZoo's, but it seems the EU AZA supports this. ... The way people work in Zoo's and condone this as you say, can only be that these people have no feelings. Demon's for sure at the Copenhagen Zoo. No empathy, no compassion. ... AND I vote YES! I am all for eye for an eye justice. The Director at the Copenhagen Zoo needs to look both ways because the Karma train is out there.


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