Saturday, February 8, 2014

Visit Notes - Wednesday 2.5.14

Went for a quik Visit today, mainly to check on Elly.  When I saw her on Monday I was very disturbed and when I finally looked at my photos on Tuesday night, I almost cried.  (I am writing this before Mondays, so please check back for more details).

Free Day is always a good day for me to go.  I hate it when the weather is warm because of the amount of Visitors it attracts, which equals that many more people misbehaving with no one on the grounds to keep an eye on them.  At least while I'm there I feel like I can be that extra set of eyes, whether the Zoo likes it or not.  Its about the Animals.  That said, it was cold and not too crowded, although when I got there,, there was three Security in the Parking Lot, which means none to one on the grounds.  Didn't like that.  In their defense, there did seem to be something going on, and they basically do what they are told by Zoo Management.  That said, there should have been other Zoo staffers facilitating any situation that would take away from there being eyes on the grounds, meaning eyes on the Animals.  

Glad to run into Security though, as (also to be noted in Mondays post) I called Security after leaving there Tuesday January 21, asking them to have someone clean-up the garbage that was bordering the Lake, before winds blew it into the Lake.  I was pissed when it was still there Monday, almost two weeks later.  I was told that Security did in fact alert the Custodian Department.  So BIG FAIL! Thankfully it all seemed intact and none blew into the Lake, where the Pelicans and other Waterfowl could be in jeopardy.

Glad to see the extra barriers at Chimps.  These barriers should not be reserved for Free Days but should be present anytime there is a high Visitor Day.

On the way out, all the Giraffe Ladies came up to the Barn.  I immediately noticed a tight Belly and remembered how I've thought for many months that a new Calf was on the way :)  Actually since our last Calf was born I thought maybe the other Resident Mama Bititi might be as well, and one of our new Girls, Willow, came to us possibly pregnant :)  I remember when Carolina gave birth to Nikolas, I saw her the day before and was like, she is going to have that baby soon!  WELL, maybe it was a premonition!  Would be sweet if Miss Willow became a Mama :)

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