Monday, July 20, 2015

Joint Zoo Committee Meeting - 4.23.15 - Keeper Speaks

Well, this was a disappointment.  

Since my Chimp Crusade I have started going to the Meetings regularly.  I want to not only be aware of all that is said at the Meetings, since the Minutes are incomplete, but I want to make sure I am aware of all Updates in regard to the Chimps.

As mentioned in the post for the 3.36.15 Meeting, Director Peterson was cordial and open to my request to provide me with the Power Point photos from that Meetings presentation. As well I had emailed her with suggestions for enhancing the Chimps current exhibit.  Her correspondence showed promise.

> Dear Kim,

> I have asked our Development department to follow up with you directly. Our VP of Philanthropy is copied on this 

> email.

> Thank you for your interest in the Zoo's chimps.

> Best regards,
> Tanya

By the time of the 4.23.15 Meeting, there had not been any Upgrades to the Chimp's home, nor has there any Update as far as a timeline.  I sent Director Peterson an email the Morning of the Meeting. 

> Hello Tanya,
> As tonight's Meeting approaches, I thought I would pose the question I will have, if it isn't answered in your presentation.
> When I was last at the Zoo, there still were no visible upgrades being started, other than the Grotto 2 structure being painted.  ... The night quarter building is still not painted and continues to look really downtrodden. It has been years since the Chimps home has had any attention. It may be aesthetic, but its a reflection of where they rank at the Zoo.
> Can you provide (in your presentation or via email) a timeline for the Upgrades you mentioned at the last Meeting?
> Thank you
> Kim

I left the house and was out all day, before goign to the Zoo.  So I didn't get to check email for a reply, which was my mistake in planning to seek an Update at the Meeting then.  I could not very well ask a question there, if I didn't know if there would be an answer via email.

The Meeting commenced and adjourned without any mention of the Chimps Upgrade status.  When I got home, I indeed had an email from Tanya, who chose to not only address me by misspelling my last name, which she knows full well what the correct spelling is, but by taking a attitude in my opinion, and instead of answering my question, refers, "You are welcome to raise any issue at public comment tonight."    

That said, No Chimp Update for April happened.  What did happen was further disgust by the panel and how the Meeting was run.  I should say runaway, because it felt like they hurried through the Agenda so they could adjourn and runaway from having to listen to any Keepers who might make it to the Meeting. ... Because the Agenda was not long, the Meeting which starts at 5p was nearing an end by 5:30p which is the time the Keepers get off.  

Thankfully, In under the wire was Keeper Irene.  She brought up two issues, one in regard to the postponement of hiring an HR leader.  The previous appointment's duties included working as an Liaison between Staff and Management.  In the absence of someone holding that position there is no on-site person to do this.  The only person they seem to have in their corner is their Union Rep.  ... She also requested the Meetings be move to a start time of 5:30p as the Keepers clock out at that time.  ... My take from watching the faces of the Panel, is that they are annoyed to have to listen to Keepers, especially that of Rec and Park Commissioner Eric McDonnell, is that he didn't care what was being said and just wanted to move along and wrap it up.  Disrespectful and Rude.

I sent a letter to Commission McDonnell, as well did a blog post aimed at the Zoo and Rec and Park to make some changes in the Meetings.

FYI I got no idea again why the font and colors get whack.  Sorry.

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  1. This is a public meeting and I see no reason that the meetings cannot be moved to a more convenient time for the keepers and the public. The keepers are the backbone of the zoo and the animals depend on them. I have been to a few of the meetings and the panel seems very uninterested. It's a shame. I have to say I agree with you on all points brought up on this subject.


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