Monday, July 20, 2015

No Kidding, New Posts a Brewing!

I know I've been talking about catching up on blog posts, forever, but I'm not teasing.  I'm trying and its just taking much time to gather photos and notes from the past few months.

I have just done what I hope was a comprehensive outline and I have 26 posts!  I'm going to make an attempt at starting them this evening.  I hope to go in order, but if I feel overwhelmed by one, I'll Title it and note Coming Soon.

The posts will touch many subjects from the Survey replies from my Gorilla Infant Death Survey (yes, to those who commented there, I have not forgot the importance of your words and wanting them included here) last November to the most recent Chimp Updates.  I will post on my Visit Comments, Meeting Notes, Birthdays, Enrichment, Barriers, Misbehavior, News Articles involving both our Zoo and other Zoos, ZooFest and other Zoo Events and Efforts?

Note that some posts might sound like they are not up-to-date on the subject, but I am trying to write in chronological order and will note in most places if there's a current update.  Example, the barrier situation, will be posted as my sighting and photo dates dictate, but there has been a development in recent weeks of added signage.

Looking forward to putting forth all the thoughts that swirl in my mind, both for public knowledge (and a place for public voice) and documentation purposes, but so I can put these in the past and create some time and space for new stuff, in life and Zoo related. 

Stay tuned and hope I my energy to move forward with this, matches my ambition.

Thank you for all continue to stop by and read my words.  I appreciate your interest in what's going on at the Zoo and the lives of the Animals who live there.

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