Monday, July 27, 2015

San Francisco Zoo Red Pandas - All Three (Now) Renamed

Gotta start by saying, as soon as I hit the publish button for my last post, I felt a bit bad how much I slammed Donors, but at the same time, I am being truthful when I express myself.  I do think there are better ways to raise money than to change the names that Animals have had their whole life.  I don't know where the blame should lay exactly, with the Zoo, the Donor or both for not coming up with better ideas, but its ignorant to think that any Animal came to the Zoo without a previous Name. So regardless of how the Zoo presents an auction, if you care about Animals, its your responsibility to find out about the Animals History.  Then again, if you don't care, things like this happen.

So, Kodari became Tenzing.  Grace became Hilary and now Pele has become Hunter.  Disgraceful, that all three of the Zoo's Red Pandas have all been Re-Named.  Especially Grace and Pele, who were both Ten years old and had their Names for life.

The name change to Hunter in honor of the Donor Family Son, is completely inappropriate.  Any Animal person should know that. Its fine for a Human, but NO Animal should be given the name Hunter!

I have written endlessly about the Re-Name issue.  As outraged as I've been before, this really has my blood boiling.  Its amazing to me how the Zoo people can continue to think up new ways to Disrespect the Animals.

According to the Red Panda Network, Illegal Hunting is a main threat to these Animals. Further reading revealed they are not only Poached for their Fur, but their meat has also been found on menus in China.

Here's a link to a Petition:

As well, Trophy Hunting is out of control and at an all-time high.  Deep pocketed Americans paying Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Murder Innocent Animals. Many of these Animals are of threatened species, yet bred specifically to be Murdered.  Its Sick!  and NO Animal should carry a name associated with this Crime. 

I find it really Disturbing that both the Donor and the Zoo don't see this.  Zoo Officials should have never allowed this Name.   But, I guess a check is worth the trade for moral stance. Again, another failure in their Caring Mission.  

What's next?   The Day when we get another Rhino and Re-Name it Poacher?


  1. I feel exactly the same as you do in regards to the re-naming. I have written my comments in the past about it stating not only is is silly, it's unfair to an animal that has known the same name it's whole life and responds to that name for safety reasons. (escaping, needing to be called in, in a hurry, etc. and identification). Some keepers might not know the new name if they needed to respond. The name Hunter is fine for a human, should not be a name for an endangered species that is hunted.

  2. The renaming sounds like a nightmare for record keeping. It makes me wonder if the original name isn't still used for the log books.
    I had no idea that China ate these! Is there anything that China WON'T eat? I can't help but see Chinese zoos now and wonder if the animals there are seen like the lobster tank in grocery stores. Couple that with the news that some Chinese zoos were starving their tigers to death so they "died of natural causes" and then sold their parts off for traditional medicines and there isn't much respect left for their sense of culture. You have to show respect in order to receive it.


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