Monday, July 20, 2015

San Francisco Zoo Bugs Employees Radios - News Article 3.20.15

When I heard this via KGO-TV Reporter Dan Noyes Facebook post, I thought, this is Outrageous! 

If you haven't already, read the full story here:

This just proves they (Zoo Management) likes to cover stuff up and gag order their employees. If they had nothing to hide this wouldn't be necessary, nor would any of the other untruths that are put forth from the place.   AND I'm offended that THIS is what they spend money on and not the Animals.

Its like when Director Peterson spent money to have a metal detector installed at the Joint Zoo Meetings, after she took away the Memberships of my Friend Lee and I.  She allegedly thought we'd come after her!  

The level of paranoia there is ridiculous.  

I am not a fan of Management, starting with Director Peterson.  Don't trust any of them.  They will lie, make stuff and keep each others confidences just to keep their little "clique" in tact.  They run the Zoo on personal agenda, rather than what's best for the facility and for the Animals who live there.

I believe everything the Keepers say about this.  Director Peterson, as well other Management and Curators, allegedly issue gag orders and threaten jobs if anyone talks to me.  Seriously, I'm such a huge thorn, that this is what they spend time on?  She most recently sent out a frantic paranoid internal email prior to the News story on the Chimps,  grasping at straws to find the words and proof that I made up the whole story.  She really should be smarter than that at this point in dealing with me.  I am no liar.

No doubt that since last years Media expose' on Safety violations, the circumstances regarding the death of Kabibe (Gorilla infant), and her covert operation to move our Chimps without anyone finding out, I would bet she and her henchman want to know everything the people she considers peasants, are talking about.

Robert Icard used to be the head of IT, so he would most certainly know how to request customizing a device like this.  Since he became the right hand man over two years ago, I've only seen him on the grounds once.  If he has the time to allegedly sit around and make fun of people, maybe the Rec and Park and the Zoological Society should examine how he is spending his daily work hours.  As well that of Director Peterson.  With the amount of stuff that isn't done there, never seems to get done, or takes too long to get done, the whole Management Team should be scrutinized.  

Note: See update on post Joint Zoo Meeting 3.26.15

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  1. The gag orders and extreme paranoia run rampant there at the zoo. This only happens when there are untruths and things to be hidden.
    I totally agree with you in regards to the bugging radios. All this time and money should be spent on the precious animals there at the zoo.


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