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ZooFest Update - Comments to Event News Mentions

Two Media notations in regard to ZooFest 2015.

Screen Cap from:

Oy Vey.   What can I say.  Not much that is nice unfortunately.  

First off, there is no mention of the Chimps, just two months after Director Peterson said she would be launching the "biggest fundraising campaign" for their Upgrade and new Exhibit.  Haven't heard of a single dime being raised from Zoo Fest for the Chimps.  In fact there's been no Donation update from the Zoo in months.  ... Director Peterson has also said the Chimps "are a hard sell".  What does that mean?  Is she trying to plant an excuse point as to why the Chimps have been slightest all these years? Why they have never been a priority at a ZooFest EVER.  Them being slightest lies with each Director who has neglected to make upgrades and basic maintenance to their enclosure and who never championed for them.

Next, a Million for Zoo Programs?  What is that?  Doesn't sound like anything for the Animals.  Do these Donors even know what they are funding?  Or are they just following Director Peterson's lead. In my opinion the Zoo, and let that be a reminder that its a Zoo/Home to Animals, concentrates too much on too many non-Animal related ventures.  I might not be critical and would be supportive of other Programs if they were taking care of the Animals first, but they aren't.  It appears they are too busy trying to keep up with the Jones of better Zoo facilities and funding their Pet Projects rather than concentrating on what and for that matter WHO is in need. 

I read someplace a small blurb that money was raised for Education.  Maybe that's "programs"?  You know this word "education" is one the Zoo tosses about quite a bit.  I don't know what their version of Education is, but they sure aren't educating all the Visitors that come through the gates on how to Respect the Animals and Behave around them.  They sure aren't teaching younger generations that its not right to pack up your Grandparents (Our Senior Chimps) and send them off to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces.  

This one really pisses me off.  And I'm sorry, I know this is alot of money that people are parting with, but geez, there's a better and more respectful way to do this.  I fault Director Peterson for allowing this and the Donors for not finding out more about the Animals they are Re-Naming.  SO yeah, 100k to ReName an Animal who already has a name makes me sick.  As well Hunter is not an appropriate name for any Animal. AT ALL!  And I guess the other Female Red Panda who at over ten years old, was Re-Named Hilary, was done so by the same Family.  They may be Zoo "supporters" but they sure don't support Animal respect. Why do people continue to pay money to rape the Animals of their Names?  Isn't the fact that you are supporting their care enough?  Can't the Zoo put up a plaque that says, supported by,...  Instead of having to take away their Identity?  ... Read my next post for more of my thoughts on this naming.

Every word out of Director Peterson's mouth about Caring and Connecting make me sick.  Such a hypocrite.  She tries to Kick out Senior Chimps and then talks about Caring?  You've got to be effin' kidding me!

Last but not least,  the Theme, Celebrating Champions.  Champions?  They sure aren't Champions of the Animals.  I am so sick of the Sports themed stuff associated with the Zoo. Its overboard. With the recent name change of Tucker, and this NON-Animal related display, the Zoo is clearly continuing to go in a bad direction.  Why don't they just name it The San Francisco Giants Zoo?

I saw a photo of the lavish decor for ZooFest while the Chimps still live in a home with paint peeling. Hey Director Peterson, you call the Caring?

Screen Cap from:

Pretty classic that Peterson is quoted talking about Robin Williams and raising money for his Parrot Misha who lives at the Zoo.  Didn't see her dare try and auction off Misha's name did we?!

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