Tuesday, October 20, 2015

9.29.15 - Annual Members Meeting - WTH is This and Why Doesn't Anyone Know?!

This actually pissed me off quite a bit, so let me just write a bit about it.

In the Zoo's August Animail, they mentioned the Annual Member's Meeting.

I had never heard of a Member's Meeting so I sent an email to PRs Danny Latham to ask what this was about.  I got no response.  ... I sent an email to the RSVP address and got no response.  ... I sent an email to Marketing Assistant/Membership Coordinator Susan Shafer and got no response.  I called the Zoo and left a message on Danny's voicemail and got no call back.  I called the Zoo and left another message on Danny's voicemail and got no callback.  I called the Zoo and no one had any information, so they transferred me to Susan, who transferred me to Director Peterson's Assistant ?Anne Elefterakis who I left a voicemail for and got no call back.  

Just documenting this as this is really bad Member Service.  REGARDLESS of their opinion of me, I pay my Fee like anyone else, and someone should have responded.  

I RSVP'd anyway, but decided not to go.

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