Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blog Updating Notes 10.20.15

Trying to play Catch-Up again.  For the purpose of some current things I'm working on, I need to get to related posts.  So, I will be posting the ones I hope to finish at some point very soon, as I strive to keep things in as close to chronological order as I can.  I think its better for documenting purposes, as well, it will bother me if its not in order.  .. I apologize if Coming Soon posts are annoying.  I'm annoyed that I haven't been timely.

You will notice or maybe you won't ;)  37 posts in Coming Soon!  mode.  I hope they won't be that way for long, I also hope they stay in order as I work on them (publishing them in this way is an attempt at that), otherwise I just wasted three hours and the three Valerian Root I had to take after the titling alone made my ears pulsate.  Its been a very emotional last few days, since the passing of Shastyuh and my need to lift the weight of these posts is in over-drive.  So please stay tuned, and check in frequently.  Each post will also be Tweeted, so you can follow that way via Leo811

Thank you!

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