Tuesday, October 20, 2015

HOT TOPIC! - Falcor Gets Greenery For His Birthday! - Komodo Dragon Habitat Upgrade! FINALLY!

Well, when I visited Falcor for his Birthday on Oct 8th, I almost cried when I opened the door to see Green!  I previously wrote about the state of nothingness in his Home.  I did a pretty extensive post about it last month.  

See the heartbreaking Video showing the Barren Pit he was living in for near a year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBY-YMCqJtQ

I seriously could not believe my eyes!  So Happy for him!  He is lucky the Zoo has AZA Accreditation coming up soon, or he'd probably still be in the pit!

Happy Birthday Falcor + Greenery FINALLY!

You will see that there is a mister in there now as well.  Good to see that.  I had been there one day while Students were observing him.  They told me they were going to make that suggestion.  I think its great to have more minds thinking of ways to Enrich the Animals, but I'm really bothered that the Zoo Staff itself doesn't not come up with these ideas.  This poor guy, has been disrespected, since the Director's next New and Shiny pet arrived.  I've lost track who that was, but it was Komodo this and Komodo that, and for two years now, he's gotten nothing.  Aside from treats his first Halloween here, I've never seen any kind of Enrichment, and we know his Habitat was a disgrace for a year. 

Also note that when he was Acquired, it was promised that he would a larger outdoor exhibit within two years.  Instead Director Peterson keeps bringing in New Animals and building New Exhibits for them before taking care at Home aka Animals the currently live there..  Just like the Chimps were disregarded for thirty years.  They were promised upgrades seven months ago and not only is there still peeling paint on their Home, but Director Peterson is bringing in Sifaka Lemurs and building them a New Exhibit, BEFORE taking care of the Chimps.  That folks, is how she rolls.

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