Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Crackle's New Digs! - Capybara Gets Refuge from Ditch! - FINALLY!

Another Habitat success story! 

Since last year when the Zoo Acquired both a Male Capybara and a pair of Guanacos, poor Capy Crackle, has not lived life on the Puente to the fullest.  In fact he has lived a stressful life, being chased by both the Guanacos and the Rheas.  I doubt he has even used the pool, which is sad because Capybara's love water.

I wrote about this situation last month, as a year is too long for this poor babie to be held hostage in a corner.

I posted this suggestion via my Video in August

AND now we have this!  So Happy for little Crackle!

So, why couldn't this be done a year ago for him?  Guess another Kim's Running the Zoo via her blog or AZA Accreditation Let's Fix Stuff Up so it appears we don't suck as bad as we really do.

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