Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friday June 1, 2012 - Visit

Quick, but interesting Visit.

 Sky says Hi :)  
(Skylar aka Leanne)

 Poor Elly still Dry and looking for Gene :(
Maybe you will get Oiled next week Elly.

 Lion Ladies doin' the Tunya!
(The Tunya is footies in the air!
Male Lion Tunya started the craze :)
Hadn't seen Lions in this yard for months.

Snow Leopard training platform FIXED!
Thank you!

WOW!  that was quick! I blogged about it a week ago (see post from last Saturday May 26, 2012 - Visit) and its already fixed BRAVO!    Good grief one would have to wonder, Who is actually running the Zoo?  That would be me!  Seriously, maybe someone on your own team can note these issues next time.

There are many people in Animal Care, from the Curators to the Keepers.  There are Maintenance Workers, Docents, Volunteers, yet it seems I am the only one who ever see's stuff, whether it be issues with enclosures, visitors behaving badly, Animal behavior notices, whatever it is, my eyes are all over the place there looking to make sure everything is good.  Where are the eyes of the Staff?

This was a dangerous situation, that has been like this for probably a year.   This platform should have never been made this way.  Just plain lazy and irresponsible AND the whole thing should have been fixed like this when I first said something.  Not just band-aiding it with rocks, like the hazzard cone to keep Padang away from whatever was rubbing against her leg.  I had no idea there was a second L bracket exposed.  Good grief.  Seriously, who is making sure the Animals are safe?  Was it not enough that Padang allegedly scraped her legs raw on something to the point that it contributed to her death?  

Changing this subject because it makes me so upset.  I was happy to see the Chimps with Icee treats!  I hadn't seen this in a very long time.  Simple thing that brought them so much joy.  Should be a regular thing, like a couple times a week at least.  Chimps with minds close to humans, in my opinion can never have enough Enrichment.  These four are bored too often.   Living there over 40 years they deserve to get treats all day, everyday!  Look at their faces, who wouldn't want to see that all the time?

I have never seen this face on Cobby :)

Maggie teasing Tallulah lol!
Tallulah (who I think finished hers inside) 
gave Maggie the gimme hand motion just a second before this

Minne really enjoyed hers!
I got a bunch of great snaps of her :)

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