Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Bobcat Home!

Inti's new home was open yesterday (Saturday).  Information given was that he moved down from the ARC on Thursday.  He was camped out in his night quarters, so I didn't get to see him.  Hopefully soon!

Here's a photo of his new home,  the team that built the landscape (which I have been told was outsourced) did a great job!  It echo's that of the recent upgrades to the adjacent Anteater (Angelo) enclosure.  Man-made trees and rocks make the landscape more natural looking.

I'm happy for Inti as his living condition would have been my next crusade, if this didn't come to fruition.  No matter how or why, I am grateful he is no longer living in a series of cages, that had been his home for almost a decade.  Although I have heard that moving him was in theme with the Zoo's Master Plan of creating a new North American area.  I can only hope this happened because it was the right thing to do and not the later.  

This will be a big change for him, I only hope not too big a change and that he adjusts okay.  I hope his Keepers from the ARC are still able to take care of him.  I think one in particular raised him since a cub.   .. Read more about Inti

Note to Zoo.  Please put a "quiet" sign up there.  Inti has lived in relative calmness with not many people around for so long, he should be allowed to continue that.  Yesterday (Saturday) was too busy and loud with screaming wild children about, its no wonder he was not even peeking out.

Can't wait to see you in your new home Inti, I hope you enjoy it!

I wish something similar could have been done for Wishbone (Andean Bear).  He would have thrived on a non-concrete surface, and would have loved a tree to climb on, maybe with a hammock :)  I miss my Wishy friend, and my heart still hurts that he was so disrespected in his living conditions.

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