Friday, June 8, 2012

Monday June 4, 2012 - Visit

Elly Has Been Oiled!  YAY!

Quick walk about, and news is, Miss Elly has been oiled!  Thank you!  

Elly had started looking chalky two weeks ago.

The last time she was oiled was the week of  April 29.  I have been posting photos of her in every visit post.  Mostly for the reason that she is pining for her passed companion  and  in recent visits, I have included mentioning the state of her skin.  I did a pretty lengthy posting on another blog (see below) about this as she had gone months without being oiled to the point she ended up with sores on her skin.  I don't want to see this happen again. 

In my last post, which was Friday June 1, I said,  "..maybe you will get oiled next week."   ... Guess I'm running the Zoo once again.   Its getting ridiculous that there are Zoo Staffers and yet there is stuff that goes either unnoticed or neglected?   Only to get done when pointed out by someone who doesn't even work there.  Maybe you need to hire someone who knows the Zoo, knows the Animals, has common sense and can point these things out, because obviously the people already working/volunteering there have no clue.  I'm still in shock about seeing that Snow Leopard training platform in that state and knowing it had been that way for a year!  

Seriously SFZOO, she needs to be oiled every four weeks.  Why is it you can't do this for her?  She has given you at least 14 babies, possibly a few more.   That means she was pregnant over 15 yrs of her life.  That seems like an excessive amount,  but she did it and she deserves to be pampered for life.  She wasn't being lazy while popping out those offspring for you, so don't be lazy with her care.  Why is it she only seems to get oiled when I blog about it or contact Animal Welfare and Control?  

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Not much more to say.  I posted photos to my photo-site and am trying to upload some videos :)

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