Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome Taymor!

Taymor is the new male Sumatran Tiger!  Today was his third day out in the yard and luckily I got to see him!  When I first saw him, I was the only one there, so I said softly, "Hi Taymor"  and he looked at me and came out further :)  He is gorgeous!  

"Hi Kim"

"You Want To See Me?"

"Here I am!"
Thank you Taymor, you are a sweet boy :)
I didn't want to leave and not meet you today :)

Taymor was transfered to SFZoo from Jackson Zoo in Mississippi on a breeding recommendation with Leanne (given name Skylar).  He was born at the Sacramento Zoo November of 2006 but moved to the Jackson Zoo in 2008 along with his brothers, Emerson and Kipling.  At five years old they are of breeding age and are now all paired up with girlfriends.  Although, I have mixed feelings about the Zoo being allowed to breed any animals (especially in the Carnivore Department), I am very happy to finally meet Taymor.  He is going to be a wonderful Cat to know :)

Unfortunately rumor has it they have already disrespected poor Taymor and changed his name to Larry.   So, if you go looking for Taymor you will surely be told his name is Larry :(  and they are most likely forcing him to respond by a name other than the one he's had his whole life.  :(


  1. he's beautiful! and so sad about the name change - it's unfortunate that zoo folks aren't more creative in their fundraising efforts in a way that doesn't affect the animals. or, that the generous donors don't leave the given name.

  2. @hazel- thank you for the comment! he is a gorgeous boy! i look forward to seeing him more and learning his personality :) ... totally agree about being creative in fundraising and the donors, in an effort to let these animals keep their given names. i actually heard that this name change may not have even been in exchange for money, which is a bigger disgrace.

  3. He is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful boy he is!!! I also look forward to getting to know him. I think the name change thing is such a disgrace. I know I sound like a broken record but my Dad was a professional dog trainer and when an animal knows it's name, it doesnt understand when it's changed. It's very ignorant of the zoo to do this just for a donation but then again, they always put donations above the animals, ALWAYS. Again, a better way would be a place in someone's honor near the Lion House. Can't wait to see you Taymore!!! Leanne was the perfect mother with her first cubs so I know she will be a great Mom again even though I am leary about the LH staff now also. Too much has happened since the staff changed.

  4. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. The name change is wrong any way you look at it except if the Keepers continue to use the Animals given name, otherwise its cruel, ignorant and disrespectful. And to make an Animal "learn" to respond to a name other that the one they have had their whole life is awful. And like you have said to me several times, what if the Animal doesn't take to the new name, will it be deemed uncooperative? A plaque is not only better it goes farther than a name since it would be posted and most Visitors don't even get to know the name of the Animal. ... I started visiting more when Leanne's cubs were born. I thought the experience of seeing a Big Cat grow up was priceless. I saw them several times a week starting from day two that they were out. I would love that experience again, if Barb (Keeper) was still there. Now, I don't have faith in many of the Animal Staff. So, I guess its in God's hands, whether this union will produce cubs. If Leanne gets pregnant I hope she has healthy strong kits :) It does say something that there hasn't been cubs for the Lions, Fishing Cats or Snow Leopards.

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