Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday June 9, 2012 - Visit

It was a great visit until we witnessed a group of Orange T-Shirt wearing volunteers terrorizing a Peacock.  People are just evil and I don't understand why those who don't respect Animals even come to the Zoo, let alone volunteer to help there.  This large group were seen chasing and trying to corner the bird in hopes of catching it!  Yes, they were vocal about trying to catch it, and said, "I wonder if it will fit in my backpack. ... I'll have to cut it up if not." !!!!   OMG!  The later I hope was jokingly, but still Who says this?  Who says this when volunteering at a Zoo?!  Evil people that's who!  Shame on all of you.  If I knew your company name I would call you out!

Well, that deceiving sign (at Cats) about this particular yard being an "Enrichment" yard,  that I blogged about is gone.  Once again after I post about something, a change is made.  This is the third one (at least that I've made public) in a week's time.  

It made no sense as you can read in my other post 

I guess they have also (at least for the moment) decided to keep the Lions in this yard, as the signage (I also posted about) was changed from Sumatran Tiger to African Lion.

Its all very brain curious as they were rotating yards for Enrichment purposes, but now they seem to now be settling into established yards?  Rotating was enriching, so I guess that is out now?    Hopefully the three Tigers still get to rotate as I think its essential for Shastyuh who seems to get restless.

Love this capture I got of a Guinea Fowl.  They are adorable little things who live in the Patas Monkey exhibit.  Earlier in the year I saw one on the Patas Lawn across from the exhibit.  I reported it and told them where it was headed.  Unfortunately it was never found?  as it was listed as missing in the report.  :(

My Precious Goober was happy to see us!
He gave many smiles and nose wiggles :)

I was once told by a Keeper that I was Enrichment for Goober!  You can see by his smile that this is TRUE!     My visiting Goob, enriches his life.  It makes me cry to be able to bring that to him.  I wish I could still visit him behind the scenes as I have been lucky to do.  I would sit there and give him tons of pats :)  ... Even though this Keeper who I was once friends with but now doesn't talk to me (I can only assume because she doesn't agree with my outspoken opinions and airing of truths), I will always cherish her words, as they are one of the best things anyone has ever said to me.

Pike was having a literal ball in the pool!  

Pretty Peccarie Ladies :)
Peony is the shy one, 
Poppy has fluffy cheeks,
Petunia is out in front :)

How cute is this little guy?  He is smiling because he is happy to be in the Toad Abode (in the Children's Zoo) and not out in the rest of the Zoo where all the Management mishaps and Visitor misbehavior happens :)

Check out my photosite for more photos from today!  (Will post them by Tuesday)

FYI my post about the Duiker Disrespect is finally done.  Its in the "hold" space, following the other post in which I mentioned the Duiker situation briefly.


  1. I was sickened at those volunteers in the orange shirts. The one leader of that mess told the girls to circle around the peacock and move in. The poor peacock was so distressed. I would hope that the zoo does not allow that group back. Goober's smile is precious, we had lot's of face time with him. Pike loving her swim is always so adorable. Love all the photos and appreciate all the work you do in your blogs. Again, I saw absolutely NO SECURITY at all Saturday.

    1. @Lee- Thank you for your comment. Human behavior is just disgusting and around animals its awful and getting worse. The Zoo may not have them back again, but let's also be honest in relation to experience in reporting people harassing the Animals. If anything they are just told not to do it. There are too many cowards in life and at the Zoo. More needs to be done to show that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, because right now people think (they can do) and do whatever they want all over that place. Why are they so afraid of offending these type of people? These are people that shouldn't be at the Zoo, so good riddance. AND YES there was once again no security! On a Saturday. There was none yesterday (Saturday) either. ... Goobie is a love and loves us. he always smile. Pike sure does love to play in the pool! They both make me smile :)


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