Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Expert" (Terry Maples) in the House! - Gorilla News Update

UG, I thought I would be done and have said it all and maybe I have and I just have reoccurring beaten down issues.

So, as I was about to close up here and leave the house, I read this article, from Monday.

I have noted my issue with Terry Maples before and I'll say it again,  If this guy is such an Expert, WHY? Didn't he notice the "blind spots" and faulty door issues during his 2012 "Expert" stint?   I'll give him a pass on the faulty door thing, because the Zoo probably hid all those documents from him. But, I assume he inspected the enclosure when he made his suggestions, why were his new issues not mentioned?  WHY? Now does he all of a sudden have grievances?  Speaking of hiding, new thought, I'd like to know who these documents are made available to?   Did the San Francisco Zoological Society Board read them?  Did the Joint Zoo Committee Panel read them?  Did the San Francisco Rec and Park who hold certain reins on the Zoo read them?   

Who all is involved in the cover up of the Injuries that the Gorillas were subjected to?

Where's the update to the KGO investigation on safety from earlier this year?

That is my main message on Maples.  I hope he comes through with more than showing things he missed the first time around.  That said, this article pisses me off in other ways.

One, which I've also noted but continually irks me.  WHY?  Hasn't anyone investigated the Zoo before?  Its not like no one knew.  Please, anyone googling the Zoo comes up with my blog.  As well, I've alerted News Media, those of authority outside the Zoo, and others to specific issues and links to my blog.  WHY?  Has the San Francisco Zoo and Director Tanya Peterson for the most part remained untouchable?   

Among the tears I've shed, I'm just really pissed that Kabibe had to lose her life for people to wake the F up about what goes on there.   Media and Visitors both.  But, we will always have those who just don't care and say shit like this quote from the article, >"Fellow zoo visitor Molly Bloom said, "It's a fantastic place for kids in San Francisco and those are kind of few and far between, so it doesn't affect my support for the zoo."<  This woman and many like her, as I've spoken to them before, could care-less that the Animals are not a priority. Her Human kid is being entertained/occupied/enriched and that is all she cares about.  This is not a Human entertainment facility, its a place where Animals LIVE their LIVES.  It is their home.  The priority should be their care and safety.  Adding more than the Joy of getting to see these wonderful Beings, should be secondary.  AND if the display of Enrichment was highlighted, that would cover part of the Visitors need for "Entertainment", while enriching the lives of the Animals. 

I have to note this, and please do not think I am frowning on this for what it stands for, I am heartbroken about the loss of Kabibe.  The memorial.  I saw it in person last week and its wonderful that people want to pay tribute to her.  I just wish the passing's of each Animal we've lost were given the same respect.  Another Member reminded me of someone we once met there.  A woman who had sponsored the Praying Mantis in the Adopt an Animal Program.  That Animal, a small Insect, meant just as much to her.  There have been others who have had a sign posted at their enclosure, but there are many who do not. A Friend also suggested a Memorial Garden to Director Peterson, which was Veto'd.   To me it just says something about the respect level put on the Animals. Tatiana, who was tormented in her home, had to escape it and take care of business herself, didn't get any Memorial from the Zoo.  A group of her Friends raised money for the Bench that sits outside the Grotto she shared with her mate Tony.  

RIP To All the Zoo Friends We Have Loved and Lost.  Who Are Missed.

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  1. I can hardly add to all you have stated as its exactly how i feel. It really upsets me that the zoo rund on "damage control". They only react when there is a trajedy. It is also just insane that they would hire the same person to advise when he didnt do his job the first time. These are my honest opinions. God Bless all the zoo animals. I hope soon the public will realize that a full housecleaning of zoo management is the only way we can see that all these precious zoo animald are safe.


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