Wednesday, November 12, 2014

News Update for this Morning - Handwritten Account & Protocol Signage

It appears that the Zoo has not released a further statement but has provided these photos.

I wasn't going to read this right now because i'm short on time and have not enough to read, process and of course comment BUT  had to and preliminary is that this is all BS.   I may regreat posting this, as I have no time to retract til this evening, but something says something isn't right with this. there are some I know there are many who will think this harsh, but with the Zoo, I am always suspicious.  

At this time, I certainly believe their silence has been while they formulate a damage control scenario. Otherwise why didn't they release the photo of the Protocol?  Or at least read it off in a Statement of Protocol, saying that they will launch an investigation i based on whether this procedure was followed?  

I've personally been their scapegoat so I know this is a common MO of theirs.  They fabricate "truths" to suit their needs.  

Its been too many days, this sign could have been made and just put up there to cover their asses. They aren't big on signs, so this is surprising as it is to the point answering all the questions that could and would be posed at this time.  I've seen them do this after the fact in regards to myself. Adding paragraphs to Zoo guidelines specifically designed toward my actions.  As well the keepers account doesn't seem logical to me.  It seems like a coaxed statement.  I would not be surprised if they told the Keeper what to say or the Keeper themselves is making it up.  The keeper definitely was not watching.  What does looked back mean?  You are not supposed to look away!?  AND in my opinion if there was any amount of time, even a nano second, that their eyes were not on Kabibe BUT Bawang's were, Bawang would have been vocalizing, if not screaming.  At this moment, I don't believe much of this.

What I do believe is that the alleged Buddy System Protocol was not being enforced and followed. There was only one Keeper.  This one Keeper cut corners to end the work day, looking away and it cost this innocent Little Girl her life.

Another awful lesson the Zoo will "learn" from.  How many more does it take?  Who will lose their life next?

The Zoo has cut back on Keepers, Put many established Keepers on "As Needed", while hiring newbies.  Its not that the money isn't there to pay more Keepers, its that the money is being used for other things.

A motion sensor which even if not Required by Aza Guidelines, is common sense.  BUT like I've stated before, the Zoo has different priorities and the Animals are not at the top of the list regardless of what they put forth.

Note to the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Zoological Society:

Its Time To Clean House at the Zoo!

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  1. I again agree with all you have said. So, the keeper was probably in a hurry to go home and couldnt take an extra minute to watch door closing. This falls on the zoo with yet again, more fabricated tales to weave to throw people off track. The zoo never learns a lesson. This is keeper error,curator error and the person that promotes and hires the curators. *Now who could that be? Visitors still breach barriers, security still turns heads away and animals are injured or killed due to negligence. I have a great love for all of the precious zoo animals. Since 2007, post Tatiana death, i have seen too many careless issues there. My visits now are mostly to see special zoo animals and i feel i have to be the "Eyes". . .should there be a problem not being addressed. Its definately time to clean house. God Bless the gorilla troupe, Bawang, especially.


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