Friday, November 14, 2014

Please Take Action - Be a Voice for the Animals At the SFZoo

Note:  Thank you to all who have commented on this blog about this Tragedy.  I will reply, just haven't gotten that far yet!  Thank you for being a voice!

I woke up this morning and of course I am still outraged by the News out of the Zoo yesterday.  

I have tweeted my post to Mayor Ed Lee, Rec and Park Manager Phil Ginsburgh, the USDA, AZA, Ken Wayne and KTVU News Team, KPIX, KGO, and KRON.  I would have done the same to the Zoological Society, but no way to reach any of them except by post mail. 

I am so disgusted with none of the above investigating the Zoo on my further attempts to shine a light on what goes on there.  That also includes the SFZ Society, as I hand delivered letters to its Chairman in 2011, so while David Stanton is no longer the Chairman, I made him aware of certain things, so he can not claim ignorance.  

As well I have many times contacted Rec and Park Joint Zoo Committee member, Sally Stephens, Chairperson of San Francisco Animal Welfare.  She knows about the failures of the Zoo.   Additionally in 2011 I also contacted Park Commissioner Larry Martin.  

None of the above mentioned can say they didn't know bad stuff was happening at the Zoo, they all just chose not to investigate things proper.

Thankfully for the first time, I am reading comments on the Zoo's Facebook and on News articles and Peope are finally starting to question the Zoo, rather than blow smoke up their ass and patting them on the back for doing a great job and providing excellent care to the Animals.  There are many dedicated Keepers there who care and do their best for the Animals.  Unfortunately that is not everyone on the Animal Staff.

Sadly, the apparent turn of tides has come with the cost of Kabibe's life.   

If you are outraged too, please contact someone with authority.  They do not seek our comments. While you are at it, why not email ( our caring Director and ask her why this happened?  Why she knew about unsafe situations and did nothing to fix them?  Why there were not the required Two Keepers under her own Buddy System Protocol, working that night?  In my opinion this Negligence falls on the head of Director Peterson, Primate Curator Corinne MacDonald, as it is her responsibility to make sure her Team is intact (the Two Keeper rule in place) and following Protocol, Terry Maples and all other Staff who knew this was an unsafe door, and the Keeper who took their eyes off the door.  I'm sorry to put blame there, but that is not my problem.  This Keeper and I'm sorry I know they must feel awful and this will haunt them, but this is the sad truth,  s/he took their eyes off the door and a life was lost.  I personally think they just hit the button and off they went, but if they for some reason (question which has been raised) they could not control the panel buttons and see the door proper at the same time, then they should not have performed any of the closing actions until they had back-up.  < BOTTOM LINE!  

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  1. I agree in all you state. Thank you for your tireless efforts to get the word out.


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