Monday, November 17, 2014

On the Literal Heels of my Last Post ... More Awful Discoveries About Neglect

Not seconds after I post my last entry, does a Friend message me about Channel 7 news story that was just on.  .. More discoveries about Negligent Care and Caring, in regards to the Animals.

My ears are literally pulsating since I started the last post, as I have so much about this subject and others I'm trying to vent in this forum so to continue my exposing while it seems people are now listening AND in an attempt to clear some of the stuff that been in my mind for over a year now.

The lastest, which you can read at the link below, shows that the Zoo knew about the dangers of the doors at the Gorilla enclosure for over a year.  This does not surprise me, yet just saddens me.  Poor Hasani now noted with Injuries in addition to Monifa.  

This begs and a Screaming Beg this is, my continued questions:

Why was the "Buddy System" Director Tanya Peterson said she had in effect (see below link to video interview) being used?  I have seen Keepers in pairs in regard to the Big Cats, but never at any other of the Code Red Animals.  Is that only because of the Tiger Event Media attention?  Is that all that she would fund for, in the way of extra Keeper Staff?   I know there have been cut backs on Keeper Staff, THAT is the one area that should not be slacked on.  Yet I'm sure her and her right hand man Robert Icard, salary and perks continue without decline.

Why wasn't this all brought to light during Terry Maples First outing as "Expert in Residence"?

AND my new question, although lower on the totem poll because I know the fear Director Peterson has put in her Staff, 

Why after the Safety investigation in April, didn't workers stage a Zoo-Wide protest to these issues. Band in numbers, she can't fire everyone!

There is a Whistle-blower hotline, does anyone use it?   Maybe it doesn't help since probably the person monitoring it is one of the Zoological Society Socialite buddies of Peterson. ??  

Something has to change.  When will there be a call for Resignations?  Does anyone with the authority have the guts?   Rec and Park, that is you!  You bullied Manuel Molinedo to take blame for something that wasn't his fault, when are you going to have someone take blame for something that is their fault?

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