Monday, November 17, 2014

How Many Inept Humans are There Connected to (San Francisco) Zoo Failures?

I have not posted about the Gorilla Tragedy in a couple days, mostly because I needed a break but also because every article that comes out pisses me off more and more.  I certainly have things to say and feel that I should because they seem to have become the starting point for much of what I've read post-blogging for what Media is writing.  Which in itself pisses me off.

For years, more people seem to like to applaud the Zoo for their wonderful care for the health and safety of the Animals of the Zoo.  Sometimes crucifying me for not wearing rose colored glasses.   

That said, gotta say, I'm really disgusted by the lack of not "doing their jobs" so many people actually do.   If there weren't so many lesser intelligent Humans, one less Animal would be dead.

For years I've been writing about Zoo Failures, pointing things out, in hopes that things get the attention they need, for the Animals sake.  During this time, many employed by the Zoo have failed to do their jobs, and often I have seen some things I've pointed out come to fruition, meaning someone fell short in doing their own job, but it got corrected because I blogged about it.

One incident involved a dangerous L bar in the Snow Leopards home.  The Animals could have been hurt, and yet after I alerted them to this, it still didn't get fixed til I blogged about it.  You can read about it at this first link, and the fix at the second link.  Sorry, there are other notations at the links as well, but that will just serve to show those new to my blog what else I post about.

As well as this blog, before that I had this one, in case anyone is up for complete reading of SFZoo FAILS

For years, the Media have been taking the Press releases from the Zoo and using them as their "reporting of news".  There is no investigative reporting anymore.  I found that out when I tried to expose the Zoo Director for slandering me.  Yet now, it seems to me that in addition to the Zoo, the Media is now reading my blog to get info to go on.  

I don't mean to sound vain, and admittedly this could be coincidence, but I don't really believe in coincidence, but its all very curious that the day after I wrote my first post about this and raised questions, noted the "buddy system" and "code red", did the Media raise questions and seem to investigate further in regard to the "buddy system" and "code red", specifically  using those terms.  

As well the Animal Rights group In Defense of Animals (who I consider to be "close the Zoo Zealots" rather than those who really know anything about the SFZoo or its Animals specifically), must also read my blog as in my first blog post, I raised the question why the door didn't have a stop sensor, especially after this happened at two other Zoos and they adopted it as their own. They quickly were vocal in Media with this and are now contacting the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) about requiring safety doors to have an auto-stop sensor.    

If it all comes out to the benefit of the Animals, that's all I care about.  I just wish people would care about what goes on at the Zoo before Tragedy strikes.

Is there anyone of authority or higher voice that actually has a functioning mind?  Anyone who can retain and process information in a way that can conclude in logic?   

No one, not the Media, not the Zoological Society, not the Rec and Park, no one wants to go up against the Zoo and say anything against this administration.  I've even been asked by some, Who does Director Peterson know that she is so protected?


  1. I agree with all you stated. I just dont know why the media backs off and i too,wonder just who it is that always has the Directors back.

  2. All about politics also in a Zoo. Management is protected by politics. Logically the Zoo Director will point out the Staff is to blame and there where no Safety issues. I agree with first half.
    I think that if you are a Animal Keeper you also must be a Animal Protector/Safeguard. The Animal depends on you when you put it in a encloser you get paid to secure the Animal and guard safety at all costs. How is it possible that Kabibe walked back and got stuck and pressed to death in front of her Family and worse her Grandmother .. where was their Animalkeeper/Guard to follow this simple safety instruction: PRESS THE BUTTON STOP THE DOOR ... IT WORKED INVESTIGATORS SAID ... WERE WAS HER ANIMALKEEPER??? WERE??? Makes me mad!
    Second half I do not agree. I find it disgusting that all the evidence as said on the internet has shown the Staff continuesly worried about the Safety that accidents happend with that door were animals get harmed. That upsets and disgusts me.
    What worries me is that not one single Keeper had the sence to go to the press make a secret video and showed the public. So I wonder was it a dangerous place? Why is there a WikiLeak in the US gov. and no one has the common sence to send a secret video about the suppossed unsafe enviroment they all talk about NOW. They should talk about it THEN not NOW.
    Now a life is gone ...
    Last but not least if it wasn't a Gorilla but a Human how would justice regard it then? A accident? A neglet of safety instruction causin a death? How? Just sayin....


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