Thursday, November 13, 2014

News Update - Gorilla Enclosure Deemed Unsafe- OMG!

I just read this article and said out loud several times, OMG!!!  I am beyond OUTRAGED!

Quote from the article:

"The San Francisco Zoo enclosure where a 16-month-old endangered gorilla was fatally crushed under an electric door is outdated and unsafe and should be replaced, the lead investigator into the death said Thursday, raising further questions about conditions at the zoo."

"Maple said watching each of the doors from the control panel is “possible to do, but it is not easy to do.” He said he will recommend that the zoo scrap the 30-year-old gorilla enclosure and install a state-of-the-art system that would be safer for the apes and could include a portable system for operating the doors, allowing workers to look directly into the cages."

OMG #1 - SO When Terry Maples was being paid by the Zoo the first time around, WHY didn't he notice these unsafe circumstances at that time? 

article snipped

"On July 16, 2012, an adult gorilla named Monifa had her right hand pinched under a door, cutting the base of all four of her fingers, according to a zoo report. She was treated by veterinarians, and mechanics adjusted the door — which was not the same one that killed Kabibe."

OMG #2 -  SO Monifa severely injures herself and yet nothing is done to fix he problem, only Band-aid it?

"On March 4, 2013, the same door that injured Monifa jammed and had to be pried open with a crowbar, records show. The same door then unexpectedly collapsed earlier this year. “Electric door 5 crashed down in AM while securing gorillas,” stated a Feb. 22 report. “No one injured just upset by noise.”"

OMG #3 - AND the same door has issue and again nothing is done to permanently fix it.

"Maple said he was aware of the reports, and that they reinforced his conviction that the enclosure needs to be overhauled."

OMG #4 - Maples knew of Monifa's injury AND the consistent issue with the door and yet took the Zoo's money and NEVER at that time made any reference to repair or "overhaul".  WTF was he being paid for then?  NOW after the fact, after an Animal lost its life, he is NOW "reinforced"!?  Am I reading this shit right?  THIS is outrageous!!!  In my opinion, he is an accomplice in her death.

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act at zoos and other facilities, is also looking into Kabibe’s death.  If the agency suspects the zoo was out of compliance in the accident, it can send in an inspector, unannounced, to investigate, an agency spokeswoman said. That inspector can issue a fine or a warning. The agency can also send the case to an administrative law judge, who has the power to suspend or revoke the zoo’s license."

Thankfully the USDA is going to be on this.  I contacted them on a couple other Animal Welfare issues and they ignored my request.  I guess an Animal has to DIE first to get them to do anything. At least its an outside investigation.  BUT it Should not be just of Gorilla enclosure,but that of all the Animals homes.

In closing, I will say that Dr Maples has an Allegiance to Gorillas.  That is why Gorillas were pretty much the only ones to get his attention during his past work with the Zoo.  Sadly they didn't get all of his attention it seems.  AND while of course there are major faults obviously that need to be addressed at Gorillas, with the caging door safety, I don't think the whole enclosure is of issue as stated. If there is an issue with the enclosure by all means do what it takes to keep the Animals safe, but to just scrape the whole thing when there are other Animal homes in need seems a bit much.

I will also add that just because the door was found faulty, let's not forget that it was the Negligence of the Keeper at the root.  I know the Keeper feels awful and I don't mean to make it worse, but that is the situation, no hiding it. 

This all said, When will Director Tanya Peterson be replaced?  Too many bad things have happened during her reign.  How many more notches does her belt need before she gets the boot?

RIP Kabibe - Watch over your Family, they need your protection.  May you haunt those who were negligent in your care.


  1. Words well stated, Kim. You said it all..!! Thank you...Charlene

  2. I agree with every word. It appears an animals death is when the zoo takes notice and this is so horribly wrong on so many levels. Yes, how many more notches on Peterson's belt is needed!!! Since her reign is there even any more room on the belt? RIP little Kabibe.


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