Monday, August 17, 2015

The Hunted - A Few Words on Hunting - RIP Cecil

The days following my last post, days which I thought I'd work on getting caught up here, were filled with Sadness and Rage, with the News of Cecil the Lion's Murder. I knew since the last post I did write was in regard to my feelings about naming any Animal "Hunter", that I needed to write a bit about this tragedy.  Will try to refrain from using the vulgarity I normally would to express the extreme feelings I have about things that affect me so deeply.

Over the past couple weeks I have written so much on the subject of Hunting, whether it be Trophy/Sport, for meat, for culling, even that of commercial Fishing.  Expressing feelings with like minded Friends, in debate with "Facebook Friends", and battle others who don't agree with my position.   Everyone has their own opinions.  They have to live them, not me.

Over the past several years, I have handled how I view photos of Crimes Against Animals, that ambush me via Facebook.  I've unfriended people who post them constantly.  I've set-up a Group dedicated to only those, where Friends can post them and we can all view when we are prepared for the pain.  Still, there has been no way to completely get away from seeing these disturbing photos.  In recent months, it seems the Trophy Hunting photos are out of control.  Cecil's photo was the one that caught the World's attention, but my Soul is trampled every time I see some Smug Ahole, smiling next to the body of an Animal whose life they just took.  

Personally, I think anyone who kills an Animal and then poses next to it with a Smile, has serious mental issues.  

That includes those who legally Hunt and Fish under the guise of using it for food.  They too seem to get joy from the Kill.  In this day, there is no reason to allow Hunting or Fishing. If you're doing it for meat, guess what?  The commercial industry has already killed some Animals for us to eat. I'm bringing this up because a few days after the Cecil story, local news ran a photo of a Father and Son out Fishing and holding up the Fish they caught and smiling.  That really hit a nerve.

I don't want to be a hypocrite, I admit I have been on Fishing outings when I was younger.  At no point did I have fun.  These were Family and first Boyfriend outings.   Always an Animal Lover, in hindsight I feel extremely guilty and ashamed.  I've soul searched on this.  Was I just young and going along with it?   Never someone to not be outspoken, I find it curious.   That said, thirty years later and with more information about Animal Crimes available at our literal fingertips, there is no excuse to see the things we see today.   Everyone should know better.  Unless you just don't have the compassionate capacity to.

And to those who say certain species have to be culled to maintain population, screw that.  Its just another excuse for Blood Thirsty Humans, to get their Thrills, and the Government to make a buck. The Government should be doing humane culling, instead of letting a bunch of Yahoo's run around killing Animals and liking it.  But, they wouldn't make money off the licenses.

I also take aim at those whose jobs are in the commercial meat and fish industry.  I get that this is a job and someone's got to do it, but you don't have to like it.  I recently got into it with someone in regard to the TV show the Deadliest Catch.  Then I thought, you know, you are profiling without ever seeing the show.  So on the spot I pulled it up On Demand and within the first five minutes, saw a Fisherman laughing and disrespecting the Animals they just killed.  So, my profile was not in error.

I am not a Vegetarian (yet), although I do eat very little amounts of meat (I'm down to one only), and I feel extremely guilty.  So, this isn't meant to be a hypocritical or preachy statement.  My personal point is, while our Society is full of big-time meat eaters, those who kill the Animals don't have to take joy in it.  

What inside someone would make them enjoy watching an Animal take its last breath at their own hand?  

The circumstances around how Cecil was illegally Murdered (lured out from a protected area), has been a factor in public outrage.  Whether legal or not, Why are ANY of these Killings acceptable by anyone or by law?

Many of the Animals allowed to be Hunted are Endangered Species, whether on some official list or not.  Lions, Rhinos, Elephants??!  Good Grief,  There are movements to protect these Species from going Extinct and yet Humans are allowed to Kill them?   Lions are estimated to go Extinct in just 35 years.  96 Elephants are Killed each day.  There are species of Rhino that are already Extinct.  WTF is going on?

The World was outraged over Cecil's death.  Did the World just wake up?  There has always been legalized Trophy Hunting.  Thousands of unnamed Animals are Murdered each year.  This is not just happening in Africa either. Canned Hunting, where Exotics, including Lions are bred specifically so Rich White Folk can Murder them, is only banned in less than half of the United States.  Its estimated there are 500 such Hunting farms in Texas alone.  Shit, we even got a Presidential Candidate, whose Sons are big time Trophy Hunters.  Those Trump Boys are Despicable.   What does that say about the Empathy or Compassion that our American Society has and the future of it?

Our Society feeds the thirst of Thrill Killers.  Our Government sells them Licenses.  Our Media gives them TV Shows.  Companies market Video Games, Toys, Stickers, even decals for above Children's beds.  That's right, there is such a thing as "hunting wall decals for nurseries"

stickers and nursery decals

Its really sick.  Our Society Allows, Praises, and Celebrates Jubilant Murder.  And, there is no end to it, because everything these days is based on Greed.  Killing Animals and having Fun doing it, makes money.  How effed up is that?

So, where does that leave us?   

This all said, the San Francisco Zoo should request that the Donors who Paid to Re-Name Pele' the Red Panda, Hunter, choose another Name.

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson

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