Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kind Bar Event aka SFZoo Allegedly Supports the Murder of Rain Forest Animals

I look at the Zoo's FB maybe once a week/ten days, just to see what upsetting things they are posting. They never fail me. :(  

This really upset me.  They featured a whole Event with KIND (bars).  What's wrong with that, you say?  KIND Bars contain Palm Oil.  Palm Oil Sourcing Kills Animals and their Habitats.

The sourcing of Palm Oil is by burning down the Rain Forests with the Animals still alive.  The highest profile Animal this effects is the Orangutan.  Here's one of their Victims.

I know its shocking to see if you have never seen it, but its also shocking that an Animal Facility such as a Zoo in a City such as ours, would support any Product/Company that uses Palm Oil.

In addition, every year (even though I've blogged about it before) the Zoo still to serves up many different Palm Oil Candies at their Halloween Event.  Never fails.  I look at every Candy at Every Boo at the Zoo Event and Sad to see those that have Palm Oil.  Shameful.

Are the Donations from these Companies so needed that they want their name associated with this huge Crime Against Animals?

Update 7.24.15 ... I want to add this in because I thought I should when I wrote this, but didn't because after extensively corresponding with Palm Oil issue experts, it is the conclusion from both sides, that there is no such thing as Sustainable Palm Oil at this time.  I know this, but in case others do not and research product companies, to find they claim to use Sustainable.  I have personally rooted through BS from such companies to find out that they only go by what they are told by the RSPO and that they aren't even practicing using it yet, only committing to "rolling out in 20XX".  I thought I would post this.  You can learn more at the link in the ScreenCap or by doing an internet search, there is much to read on the subject.

As well, a Member of my SFZoo Friends Facebook Group posted this link from another blog.  I've read this blog and this blogger documents her interactions with these companies.

If anything you read moves you,
Please contact the SFZoo Director
Tanya Peterson


  1. It is very upsetting to see that a Zoo who supposed to be busy with conservation sells products which contains palmoil.
    Why would they support any Product/Company that uses Palm Oil?
    You should think that the SFZoo Director has empathy with the animals within her Zoo and outside her Zoo, as she should be a animallover.
    She has a huge responcibility towards products she sells in her Zoo which must be free from animal suffering.
    in this case clearly the Orangutans are suffering because of Palmoil everybody knows that, yet unbelievable the SFZoo director still sells products which contain Palmoil.
    Makes you wonder is she a lover of animals or money?

  2. Wow, so Director Peterson and one of the curators travel to Borneo to try to deal with the palm oil issue and then they support a company who uses it?! That's outrageous. I had been wondering if they were just trying to get a nice little vacation on the zoo's dime. :/

  3. I agree with all you have said plus the couple comments I see on here about the palm oil issue. They should be making sure the public is aware of the companies that use palm oil and not supporting the companies that use it but then again, they don't think, they don't see the whole picture. I also think this was just another way to get another vacation out of a zoo budget where the money is again, not going towards the animals.


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